Apr 042012
  • Rebecca Rosenblat invited me onto her show “Sex @ 11 with Rebecca” last month to talk about open relationships. For those folks who missed it, you can watch my segment here. Thanks @TalkWithRebecca!
  • Las Vegas Weekly published an article on How to Do Everything, and if you click through to page 15, they have recommendations on how to be a sexual ninja, which includes a mention of my work and the new pegging video.
  • ….and finally, congratulations to Laura Antoniou whose story “The Man with the Phoenix Tattoo” (which appears in Take Me There) was nominated this week by National Leather Association–International (NLA-I) as a finalist for the John Preston Fiction Award.  The winners will be announced at the National Leather Association’s Annual General Meeting, which will be held during Tribal Fire (4-6 May 2012) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. For more information about Tribal Fire or the National Leather Association, see: http://www.tribalfireokc.com/ and http://www.nla-i.com.
Mar 282012

“I got tired of reading and hearing that porn degrades women, because I’ve never felt degraded in this field,” Flores, a full-figured redhead, told Lynsey G in her video interview. “I always say that I felt much more degraded as a receptionist than I did, ever, in porn.”

             Read the full article here.


Mar 212012



Mar 142012

Mar 072012
Feb 222012

  • I’m also excited that last week I was given a Naked Truth Award by Naked Therapy.

Feb 062012

I’m quoted giving major props to Betty Dodson in “Up Close and Extremely Personal” in an article about a new coffee table book Vulva 101, which appeared in both the Toronto Sun and the London Free Press.

There’s also been more media coverage of open relationships. I’m quoted in this BBC news article, Is it Possible to Be in a Happy Open Marriage? and I did an interview for the piece “Can Open Relationships Work?” in Canoe

Jan 072012


“Yes, yes—oh god YES! Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica finally satisfies a longtime craving of the genderfucked and genderfucking to accurately articulate the complexities of queer desire into raunchy written words. Edited by Tristan Taormino and flaunting big bylines like Kate Bornstein, Patrick Califia, and S. Bear Bergman, this queerotic collection refreshingly reflects that queer sex isn’t just about gender-variant pronouns or redefined dirty bits, but about what you do with them. Having read the many diversely deviant entries in Take Me There, we’d advise reading this one with one hand.—Y.T.H.