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Author Topic: Living Happily WIthout Dating or Being A Couple?
Posts: 4
Post Living Happily WIthout Dating or Being A Couple?
on: June 16, 2013, 22:10

I'm just suggesting another option, another way to live. I'm an unattached male who lives quite happily alone and has plenty of enjoyable solo sex. With technological assistance of course...

Does anyone else feel that living solo is rather ignored and overlooked as a viable lifestyle? Or worse, looked down upon as somehow pitiable and inferior?

Hope to read some input from others who are flying solo in life and yet taking care of all of their own needs.

Posts: 7
Post Re: Living Happily WIthout Dating or Being A Couple?
on: July 1, 2013, 14:17


I like your name, soloist.

I'm married, but I might as well be unattached. I look forward to those occasions when my S.O. is out of town and i can play. I would like to have a real partner, but in the bible belt, it's not like anybody recognizes the Hanky Code beyond an object of hateful gossip.

And yes, my S.O. looks down on my predilections... but I think autosexuality is a real way to go.

Is this what you were thinking of when you asked for input regarding others who are flying solo?

I wonder what Tristan thinks of this phenomenon....


Posts: 19
Post Re: Living Happily WIthout Dating or Being A Couple?
on: May 30, 2014, 21:11

I spent several years being single, to the point that I didn't think I'd ever be involved again. That has changed, but my spouse to be doesn't seem to have any interest in exploring new things, mine or hers. But admittedly, there is some lack of communication.
However, there is more to any relationship than just sex, so i just try and squeeze in my private time when ever I can.

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