Aug 292004

About 6 days ago, while having anal sex with my girlfriend, I had an odd thing happen: it felt like I hit something sharp inside her ass. It was not a painful feeling, just sharp, so we continued and had no other problems. Two days after this incident, I noticed a red mark on the head of my penis, in the exact spot where I’d felt that sharp sensation. The mark doesn’t hurt, the area has not been any more sensitive than usual, and I don’t feel odd otherwise. As the days passed, the mark seemed to be healing, however now I realize that it looks like it is leaving a scar. Have you ever heard of anything like this happening before? What could I have hit inside her that could have scarred my penis? I am uncircumcised, so I have a fairly sensitive penis, but this is definitely not a lube allergy, it’s more like a cut. What do you think it is and what should I do?

–Cut Cock

What you describe is pretty perplexing for several reasons. First, the only “things” that should be in someone’s rectum are bacteria, possibly fecal matter, and anything your girlfriend stuck in her own ass. Let’s rule out bacteria. Let’s assume that there was nothing else in her ass but you. Did she play with a toy recently that somehow broke into pieces in her ass? Since you did not mention it, I will assume the answer is no.

We are left with the concept that you ran into some fecal matter in her rectum, and that fecal matter contained something sharp. That scenario first makes me wonder, was your girlfriend in any pain? Because if there was something truly sharp in her fecal matter, she would have to have swallowed it, meaning it passed through her intestines, which would cause great discomfort before it even made it as far as her rectum. It seems to be she would not have been in the mood to get fucked in the ass if that was the case.

Let’s say she felt fine. The next clue you gave is that you have a sensitive cock. You may have encountered something harmless, like an undigested seed from something she ate, and the feeling it produced was magnified because of your sensitivity. But, even in the case of a seed, which could feel sharp to an engorged cock, it shouldn’t do any permanent damage. The scrape that you described (that is beginning to scar) is mysterious. If by now it has indeed scarred, then I suggest you have it checked out by a doctor.

Jul 282004

I’ve had a black vinyl butt plug for two years and I think that a chemical film or something has developed on the surface that makes it burn when I insert it into my girlfriend’s ass. Would an automotive-type vinyl restorer make my butt toys last longer?

–Burned Butt

Latex rubber, jelly rubber, and vinyl sex toys are inexpensive for a reason: they do not last forever. I recommend that folks replace toys made of these materials after twelve months for the exact reason you report: the material starts to break down, and often causes stinging, burning, itching, and other discomfort when used.

No, a vinyl restorer sold in automotive supply stories is not a good idea; not only will it not help stop the toy from deteriorating, but you do not want any product like that (or traces of it) in your ass! Throw the toy and buy a new one, or, for your next purchase, try a higher quality silicone toy. Silicone can be much more pricey, but it’s also a lot more resilient. My silicone toys have lasted for many years, and some brands even come with lifetime guarantees.

Apr 252004

I’m 29 years old, and I have been putting things up my ass for about ten years now. I’ve worked my way up to take equivalent of three cucumbers. The last time I put things up my ass, the most bizarre thing happened, and it’s happened once before about a year ago. I like watery vegetables because I feel like I need less lube and my ass gets a “wet silk” feeling from them. After I inserted a peeled cucumber, I had this allergy-like reaction all over my body. The same thing happened last year with a carrot. Nothing grave, just red, itchy, swollen eyes etc. which went away in about an hour. I know what it is since I’ve been allergic to lots of stuff since I was a child and still have serious hayfever. Is it the absorption of the vegetable juices by my rectum that causes the allergy or something else? Any knowledge of anybody experiencing this, or what it could be exactly? I mean, one does not want to go into anaphylactic shock with a set of cucumbers up one’s ass, right?

–Big E

If I have told you once, I’ve told you a million times: leave the vegetables in the kitchen and out of your ass! Of all food allergies, allergies to vegetables are not as common as others, however there is some research which shows that certain foods — including melon, banana, zucchini and cucumber — as well as the popular herb chamomile, can aggravate ragweed allergies. Symptoms include itching and tingling of the mouth, lips, throat, and ears, and in more serious cases, the swelling of tissue or anaphylactic shock. You said that you have allergies and hayfever, so my guess is that’s you’re allergic to ragweed, and some of the vegetables you’re sticking up your ass are exacerbating this allergy. One more example of why you should stick to silicone, rather than organic, phallic objects!

May 202003

I’d like to thank you for all the advice that you have been offering people, both amateur and pro, who are anal lovers. Your advice has allowed my girlfriend and I to have a wonderful anal sex life. My girlfriend of two and a half years and I have been tested negative for all STDs and are 100% monogamous. This and her taking birth control pills has allowed us to feel comfortable enough to have vaginal and anal sex without the use of condoms. We have never had any problems until recently when I have experienced swollen and somewhat painful lymph nodes around the genital area after having anal sex. Is there anything, concerning anal sex, that could have caused this other than an STD which I am sure that we both don’t have?

–Swollen Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes are a part of the immune system and they protect the body from “foreign” invaders like bacteria, viruses, cancer, injury, or other harmful substances. Lymph node swelling may or may not cause pain. Swollen lymph nodes around the genitals can be a symptom of a variety of STDs including early HIV infection, herpes, syphillis, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and others; since you’ve been tested and are monogamous, you can probably rule them out. But your swollen lymph nodes can also be indicative of a bunch of other conditions, including a hernia, a viral infection, an allergic reaction, a malignancy, or trauma to the groin area — none of which are related to anal sex. My advice to you is to see a doctor and get checked out.

Jan 142003

I have been an anal lover for years, and I recently met a new woman who has become my submissive. I would love to start her anal training as she has just begun to understand her submissive side, and it really comes out when I even mention doing her in the ass. Here’s the problem: she told me that she had surgery to remove hemorrhoids, so I am concerned. It has been a year and she has a clean bill of health from her doctor. Can we begin to have anal intercourse as well as other fun and games?

–Do-Right Dom

If your submissive had surgery to treat her hemorrhoids, then her problem was probably pretty serious. Many people with hemorrhoids are able to enjoy anal penetration as long as they pay close attention to their butts, and don’t engage in backdoor banging during a flare up. If she feels itching, burning or any discomfort, you should stop at once. But before you do anything, has she talked to her doctor about resuming anal play? I know it can be a difficult or embarrassing thing to bring up with a health care professional, but your submissive’s doctor knows her ass well by now, so he or she is the best person to ask about its health. If the doctor gives you the green light, then progress slowly, use plenty of lube, and err on the side of gentleness to begin. Instruct your submissive to give you post-scene reports about how her ass is feeling, which will give you information about how to proceed.

Nov 152002

I have had some discomfort since I allowed my girlfriend to insert her fingers inside my ass. I am afraid she might have scratched me. Is this situation dangerous? What treatment can I use to heal if I am scratched?

–Ass Scratch

Since you didn’t specify if the suspected scratch is external or internal, I will give you advice about both. If the scratch is on the outside, you should take extra care to make sure it stays clean in the next week; look at the local drugstore for personal hygeine cloths which contain soothing ingredients like witch hazel. If you believe there is a scratch or minor cut inside your rectum, your body should heal itself, and you should be free of all discomfort within about a week. If you continue to experience pain or if you are bleeding after a few days, then go see a physician.

Let me give you some tips for the future about how to protect yourself without sacrificing your sex life. Whether she has real or fake nails, no matter what the length, your girlfriend should definitely wear gloves when she fucks you in the ass. Latex or non-latex gloves alone are fine for short nails or even when you are just not so sure about rough edges, torn cuticles, or other things which could cause a tear. But for anything longer than very short nails, she can stuff half a cotton ball in each of the finger tips of the glove or wrap her nails in gauze before she slips into a glove. This will protect her nails and, very importantly, your ass from any future mishaps.

Oct 122002

Receiving anal penetration and being sexually submissive has always been the focus of my sexual fantasies. More specifically, I like the anal penetration to be painful. I always imagined it that way and was disappointed when my partner was too gentle at first. He knows me better now, and I have been able to fulfill my anal fantasies with him for the past six months. We usually start with fingers, dildos or plugs, but unlike everything else I’ve read, we use these to make me sore, not to warm me up, and we use as little lubrication as possible. I can only feel totally aroused when it begins to burn, sting, or ache and I feel I want my partner to stop. This particular pain, coupled with some light to medium flogging, is the one thing that makes me really orgasm. I also love the feeling of soreness the next day.

I always recover after a day or so of restraint, but I am now worried after reading more about the dos and don’t of anal sex that over time I could cause permanent damage to myself. I love it so much, and it is so sexually satisfying to me that it would be a problem for me to lessen this behavior. I would like to know if anyone else has enjoyed such rough anal penetration over a long period of time, and if they have or haven’t had any problems.

–Rough Anal Player

Thank you for writing to me. I think it is incredibly brave of you to be so honest about your sexual desires and practices, especially when many people might see them as sick, twisted, and politically incorrect, even fellow BDSM players. I appreciate your candor, and I think that yours is an important letter to print, because I am sure you are not the only one out there. As kinky people who practice all kinds of BDSM, we know that there is a fine line between pleasure and pain, and that line is different for everyone. People who enjoy flogging, spanking, piercing, and other forms of intense sensation play know the high from the rush of endorphins we get, the thrill of pushing the limits of our bodies, and the orgasmic potential of these activities which non-kinky people would see as cruel and painful.

As a community, BDSM players often reiterate ad nauseum that our activities are “safe, sane, and consensual” and we frown upon “unsafe” players. With most forms of sensation play, you can paddle, whip, beat, pierce and cut fleshy, well-padded areas of the body. You should never strike joints, boney areas, areas around internal organs, the neck, head, or face. I think the ass would fall into the latter category as an area we shouldn’t deliberately hurt simply because unlike fleshly parts of our body which may redden, bruise, or bleed but eventually recover completely, the ass is not so resilient. The rectum is quite delicate, which is why sex educators like myself encourage people to go slow, warm the body up, and use plenty of lube. It’s a matter of comfort — I assume that the majority of people do not want to experience pain through anal penetration. Anal sex has long been mythologized as violent and painful for women, and I am attempting to counteract that stereotype by teaching people to have pain-free anal penetration.

Your desire for pain puts you in the minority but that doesn’t mean it is not valid. However, you need to know the risks of your practices. Through repeated penetration with little warm up, no lube, or deliberate roughness, you can scrape or abrade the rectum, develop anal fissures and other ailments, and cause permanent damage to your ass. Permanent damage could mean no more anal play at all, which doesn’t sound like what you want. Yours is a difficult dilemma. I want you to do what turns you on and makes you come, but I don’t want you to hurt yourself or damage your body in the process.

I think you should explore other kinds of play which may produce similar sensations for you, but happen on a less fragile part of the body. But even as I write that recommendation, I realize that part of the turn on for you may be that you don’t want to feel pain in the “safe” places on your body, but in the very places we’re told are too delicate and off limits. You and your partner should explore new ways to approximate the pain sensations while still taking good care of your ass. Adding warm up and lube to the equation will protect your body and won’t prevent you from feeling the burn or the ache, especially with especially large toys. You need to find that unique line for yourself where the sensation is intense enough to satisfy you, but you are mindful of not hurting yourself.

Sep 172002

I received a scrape from a clean, but damaged toy along one part of the inside of my anus. I hesitate to say ‘cut’ because the skin is so soft and the toy was not that sharp. It bled quite a bit at first, but quickly stopped. The next morning, I had a bowel movement and when I wiped there was another good amount of blood, but on the second wipe was almost non-existent. Is there anything I should do to help heal this scrape, or do I leave it alone and let it heal on its own?

–Scraped My Behind

Anything that you put in your ass should be clean and smooth, including toys, plugs, vibrators, and fingers. Some of the less expensive rubber toys have nasty seams which, like a jagged nail or torn cuticle, can do more damage than you think. So, throw away that damaged toy which should not have been in your ass in the first place.

Even when we take extra care, because the lining of the rectum is quite delicate, minute tears and scrapes can be common during anal play. Most are so small that they don’t bleed and people don’t experience discomfort from them. You obviously got a more significant scrape from the offending toy. The sight of blood usually scares people, but the first rule is: don’t panic. The ass, like the rest of the body, has a great ability to heal itself. Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, take some vitamins, and your body should be able to do the rest. Obviously, lay off the anal play for about a week so you don’t aggravate the cut. If you find that it does not stop bleeding within 24 hours, the amount of blood increases, or you experience pain, then you should see a doctor at once.

Jun 142002

I recently started dating, well, fucking, somebody I’ve known for close to a year. She has been without a sexual partner for a long time, but she’s a serious hypochondriac about STDs; she was tested for everything twice in April, and once last month. She gets depo shots, so we fuck without condoms (don’t worry, we do use lube). So, how come I get a strange rash on my glans and foreskin, usually lasting for a day or two, when I fuck her in the ass? It doesn’t hurt and it basically just makes the regular bumps and pores looks bigger and red. There’s no funky smell or discharge either. I’ve studied the symptoms of about every friggin’ STD more than this girl has, plus I’ve been tested more than she has. It doesn’t look like any STD I’ve heard of.

–Rash From Her Ass

I know you think your lover is a hypochondriac, but I applaud both of you for getting tested often because most people do not. And it also sounds like you know a lot about STDs, which makes you more educated than the average fella on that subject. I have a few theories about the rash on your cock. My first one is that you may be having an allergic reaction to the lube you are using. Most lubes, whether water-based or silicone-based have similar ingredients, but they are not all the same. Personally, I got a red, itchy pussy from one particular brand of lube that I was trying out for the first time. I never used it again, and I haven’t had the symptoms again. So, try using a different brand of lube and see if that changes anything. You could also go to your doctor when you’re having symptoms to get a full examination and see what he or she has to say. It sounds like you know a lot about STDs, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Feb 202002

My ex-husband was a registered nurse, and he once told me how there is a vein or nerve or something (my memory on this is vague) in the anal/rectal area that, if stimulated too much or incorrectly, can lead to near-instant heart attack. I still don’t know why he told me this, considering he wanted me to let him fuck me in the ass. I don’t know how true that is, because logic would have it there’d be gay men and other sexually adventurous people dropping dead left and right if it was even remotely easy to accidentally “do it wrong” so to speak, and there aren’t. Or maybe there are, and people are just too embarrassed to tell the EMS that their significant other dropped dead during anal sex. Can you tell me if it’s true or not?

—Is My Head or My Heart Up My Ass?

Perhaps you already know the answer to your own question, but I’ve got to go with your head on this one. It’s true that there are many, many nerve endings in the anal canal and rectum. These nerve endings are what make the area so sensitive and responsive to what I call the Holy Anal Trinity: stimulation, vibration, and penetration. If you stimulate someone’s ass incorrectly (for example, you don’t use enough lube or you don’t do enough warm up), you can cause discomfort, pain, and possibly tearing of the delicate rectal lining. As for over-stimulation, that might lead to feeling sore or just plain worn out. But neither will lead to an instant heart attack. Doing someone’s ass in just the right way can increase the heart rate and really get the blood pumping through someone’s veins, and it’s as safe as a low-impact aerobics class.