Apr 172005

I have recently started dating a girl who, like me, really enjoys anal intercourse. Obviously we are at the start of the relationship and are having multiple encounters that include much anal play and some anal intercourse. We are both well versed in all of the basics of anal play i.e. lube, cleanliness, order of entry etc. If we engage in anal intercourse three or four times a week, should we be concerned about long-term damage to her ass due to such frequency?

–Backdoor Couple

As long as you’re following the general rules for safe and pleasurable anal play — go slow, relax, use plenty of lube, work your way up to intercourse — then you’re not in any danger of causing harm in the short or long term. The majority of people who develop health issues because of anal sex combine drugs and alcohol with their play or push their bodies too far too fast. Make sure your girlfriend listens to her body, and if her ass feels sore or tired, then give it a brief vacation; otherwise, have as much anal play as you like. In fact, anal sex can increase circulation to the anal area as well as tone and exercise the anal sphincter muscles. So, the more good butt sex you have, the healthier your butt can be!

Apr 082005

Is there a rule of thumb about eating before anal sex so as not to disrupt anal activity with bowel movement? Should you time meals in a particular way? Should you fast before anal sex, and, if so, for how long?

–Anal Novice

Everyone’s digestive system is different, so there is no universal rule of thumb when it comes to how your gastrointestinal system works. You know your ass, your bathroom schedule, and your regularity better than anyone else. However, as a general guideline, you should have a bowel movement before anal penetration in order to empty your bowels and ‘clear the runway’ for anal play. Eating a big meal before a hot anal sex date is probably not the best idea since it’s likely to stimulate digestion. In addition, if you have a particularly sensitive system, then avoid foods that are spicy or especially hard for your body to digest. I don’t recommend that people fast before anal sex, since fasting can cause a drop in blood sugar levels, and it’s never ideal to have sex while lightheaded and hungry. Fasting can also disrupt your body’s natural processes, throwing everything out of whack.

Mar 102005

My husband and I routinely do anal play together, and he is tempted to try pouring alcohol into my ass, like wine or vodka. Is it possible to get drunk by ingesting alcohol through one’s ass? Are there any implications from putting alcohol in one’s ass?

–Drunken Asswoman

Not only is it possible to get drunk by having any kind of alcoholic beverage poured into your ass, it’s inevitable. When you drink a glass of wine or vodka, it has the benefit of passing through your stomach and liver, where it’s broken down by enzymes before entering the bloodstream. However, because of the absorptive capacity of the rectum and colon, when you absorb alcohol through your ass, it goes directly into your bloodstream. This means that a much smaller amount will make you very drunk. It’s very dangerous to ingest alcohol the way you describe (essentially via an alcohol enema) and could even result in alcohol poisoning. If you want to drink, do it with your mouth. If you want an enema, use plain warm water.

Jul 142004

I bought a simple Fleet enema at the drugstore, and I have a few questions. Can I use it as is, or should I replace what’s in the bottle with water? Here’s why I am asking: I like to experience some good hard erotic cramping during enema play. My girlfriend and I often do enemas together, and we like to see which one of us can hold it the longest and who can handle the cramps without showing much discomfort. Is that safe? Because it’s awfully fun.

–Enema Edge Player

When I teach a basic class on enemas, I instruct people on two important points: the ingredients of an enema and the temperature. A Fleet enema (or most other brands you buy at the local drugstore) contains a laxative, and you do not need a laxative. You just need plain, warm water, which is why you should empty the contents of the store-bought enema bottle, rinse it out and refill it with warm water. If you’ve heard of more exotic enemas, with ingredients like champagne, espresso, wine, or other things, beware: these can make you very, very sick. So stick to plain water only.

I recommend that the water be warm so it’s as close to body temperature as possible; usually, the warmer the water, the more comfortable the enema. Most people will have little or no cramping when the temperature is right. Cold water causes discomfort and cramps that most people won’t like. I say most people because I do know enema fetishists who like to deliberately inflict discomfort and cramping on themselves or their partners.

Let me first say that this is considered “edge play” among enema fans, and inexperienced enema givers and receivers should not try this at home. I can tell that you’re a much more seasoned enema player, so I won’t admonish you for your sadomasochistic twist on this intimate form of play. One word of caution: don’t overdo the cold-water, cramp-inducing sessions. You can stress your gastrointestinal tract and disturb the delicate balance of your insides, which is never a good idea. As for you and your partner’s little game, it sounds like a great endurance contest for the BDSM Olympics! Again, a good rule of thumb for all this kind of play: everything in moderation.

Apr 252004

I’m 29 years old, and I have been putting things up my ass for about ten years now. I’ve worked my way up to take equivalent of three cucumbers. The last time I put things up my ass, the most bizarre thing happened, and it’s happened once before about a year ago. I like watery vegetables because I feel like I need less lube and my ass gets a “wet silk” feeling from them. After I inserted a peeled cucumber, I had this allergy-like reaction all over my body. The same thing happened last year with a carrot. Nothing grave, just red, itchy, swollen eyes etc. which went away in about an hour. I know what it is since I’ve been allergic to lots of stuff since I was a child and still have serious hayfever. Is it the absorption of the vegetable juices by my rectum that causes the allergy or something else? Any knowledge of anybody experiencing this, or what it could be exactly? I mean, one does not want to go into anaphylactic shock with a set of cucumbers up one’s ass, right?

–Big E

If I have told you once, I’ve told you a million times: leave the vegetables in the kitchen and out of your ass! Of all food allergies, allergies to vegetables are not as common as others, however there is some research which shows that certain foods — including melon, banana, zucchini and cucumber — as well as the popular herb chamomile, can aggravate ragweed allergies. Symptoms include itching and tingling of the mouth, lips, throat, and ears, and in more serious cases, the swelling of tissue or anaphylactic shock. You said that you have allergies and hayfever, so my guess is that’s you’re allergic to ragweed, and some of the vegetables you’re sticking up your ass are exacerbating this allergy. One more example of why you should stick to silicone, rather than organic, phallic objects!

Oct 232003

After a long night (or weekend) of intense anal play, usually culminating in anal fisting, my ass feels worn out, sore, and sometimes it even stings a little. Do you have any advice for caring for it after such a workout?

–Ass Needs TLC

We’ve all been there: your ass has taken such a good reaming, you feel that you might never sit down again. First, a few days of rest are in order to give your butt a chance to reflect on all the festivities. Next, I recommend a fabulous product that I never leave home without: Preparation H or Tucks brand Hemorrhoidal Wipes, pre-moistened wipes with witch hazel and aloe. I like the Preparation H wipes better because they are about twice the size. Many drugstores also carry the generic or in-store brand which contain the exact same ingredients but is a lot cheaper. They are cool, soothing, and almost immediately calm an itchy, sore, or irritated butthole. They are also great on a well-used pussy!

Jan 302003

My girlfriend and I have realized the joys of anal play and recently started playing with a latex vibrating butt plug. It’s been a great addition, but we experienced something bizarre when using it recently. When I pulled the plug out of her butt after a short play session, a large amount of mucous-like substance came out of her ass as well. It had no trace of fecal matter and definitely was not lube but neither of us knew what to make of this. Are we doing something wrong or should I be concerned with anything?

–Anally Concerned Couple

Congrats on coming over to the tushy team! When stuff comes out of our asses that we don’t recognize, it can be alarming, so I understand your concern completely. Rest assured, you are fine. The rectum is lined with a thin layer of mucous which helps to protect it. When we put toys inside our butts, some of that mucous can cling to the toy, and even mix with lubricant, which sounds like what happened to you. The rectum naturally regenerates the mucous, so your ass will return to normal. Then you can stick more things in it!

Nov 082002

My question is about anal fisting. My girlfriend started out with her fingers, and this weekend she wanted to put in as much as I could take. After all was said and done, she had her fist in me. I must say, it hurt a little, but I enjoyed it, and she did also. How often can a person do this to their ass? I do not want to find that when I hit the age of 40, I will have some long term problems.

–Female Fisting Fan

Like everything else we do, especially the more extreme activities, moderation is always best. Fisting is an activity that requires patience, practice, skill, and lots of lube. As long as you take your time and listen to your body, you can engage in anal fisting as often as your body can handle it. But it’s important that you and your girlfriend respect your body’s limits. Even those who exercise care and caution may be left the next day with a sore ass, so it’s best to give your ass a few days rest in between frenetic fisting sessions. Anal penetration and fisting shouldn’t hurt, and if you experience pain, you should slow down, back off, or stop altogether. If you don’t, and you push yourself too much, you are more likely to cause some kind of trauma to the delicate rectal tissue which can lead to discomfort, pain, and damage to your ass. To keep your ass happy and healthy, practice common sense, and don’t over do it. The better you treat it, the more you’ll be able to fist it!

Jul 052002

Me and my partner have always enjoyed anal sex. We have been together for a while and are expecting our first baby in three months. I know people are supposed to have “cravings” when they are pregnant, but my craving is that I want to be fucked in the ass even more than I did before! It feels great, and I experience no discomfort, but we want to make sure that we aren’t doing any harm to the baby (and I don’t exactly feel I can discuss it with my doctor!). I find the most comfortable position is on my knees with my butt sticking up so I can support my belly properly, and this way I can get the most cock in my ass. Will it be alright to continue up to the time you would normally stop having vaginal sex?

–Preggo Anal-Addict

Many women say that their libido, sexual tastes, and orgasms can change drastically during pregnancy, so know that your new craving is perfectly natural. According to most physicians, throughout your pregnancy, penetration (both vaginal and anal) with fingers is safe and with a cock is safe in low-risk pregnancies. One of the challenges of sex during pregnancy is finding comfortable positions, and it sounds like you’ve found a good one, at least for now — it may change when you get bigger. Your mate should definitely avoid deep thrusting and really hard slamming of any kind. Use a water-based lubricant, but be extra careful in preventing bacteria from the ass transferring to the vagina. Make sure his fingers and cock are super clean, or you may get an infection, which is often harder to treat during pregnancy. If you feel any discomfort during any sexual activity, stop at once. You said you don’t feel comfortable talking to your doctor about this, but for the sake of your health, and the health of your baby, it’s probably a good idea.

Apr 182002

I’m a professional dominatrix, and have several clients into forced feminization and anal play.
 Some of them have requested that I insert tampons into their (anal) “pussies.” Can this be done safely? I know that there is a risk of toxic shock syndrome when tampons are used vaginally, and I am wondering if it can happen in the ass as well.

–Mistress Mean

Toxic Shock Syndrome is a blood-borne bacterial infection caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus. We most commonly hear about it in relation to using tampons, and symptoms can include fever, chills, vomiting, sore throat, headache and more serious conditions. It is treated with intravenous antibiotics to prevent shock and kidney failure. TSS colonizes skin and mucous membranes, and the rectum is a mucous membrane; however, I had a difficult time locating any documented cases of TSS through the use of tampons anally. Since tampons are used to absorb moisture, it could be uncomfortable and dehydrating at the very least.

I have an easy solution for you. In fact, it’s for anyone who has a client lover who wants something in his or her ass which you know is either unsafe or potentially dangerous (other examples include glass bottles, candles, baseball bats, just to name a few). Find a sex toy with a similar size and feel to the desired (but unadvisable) object. Blindfold your bottom before inserting the toy in his or her ass, and make sure to talk about whatever the fantasized thing is in great detail. If you’re a good Top, you can convince a submissive of almost anything.