Sep 012003

Can anal sex increase size of my hips and my butt?

–Slim and Wanting to Stay That Way

There is no medical or scientific that anal sex, however frequent or rigorous, has any effect on the size of the hips and ass. It sounds like you heard an old wive’s tale that’s not really true.

Sep 282001

In one of your columns, regarding dildos and vibrators, you gave the following advice: “Just make sure that the vibrator is long enough like over 7″ for penetration, and, ideally, has a flared base.” While I can say from personal experience that a longer instrument is more satisfactory than a shorter one, real life does not treat you so kindly. My penis is 5 3/4 inches long, and the same in circumference, making it about 1.8 inches thick (when erect). In other words, short and thick. In fact 52 percent of men have an erect penis with a length of less than six inches. Only 4 1/2 percent of men have a penis length of 7 inches or more (My source is The Kinsey Report circa 1950). Therefore, I wonder if you could answer the following questions:

  1. Is a 5 to 6 inch penis too short to give adequate stimulation to your anal partner? Is it long enough to reach and massage the prostate with a male partner? Can it reach and massage the G-spot with a female partner?
  2. If, in fact, it is generally not long enough, are there any positions that are particularly recommended as shortening or compressing the anal channel to bring the sensitive surfaces within reach? Are they different for a male partner than a female partner?

—Short and Thick in Iowa

Well, you’ve obviously done your own research on the subject of anal pleasure, and you’ve given these matters a great deal of thought. While some people, both women and men, prefer a longer object in their asses, others are quite content with a member of your size. It’s really all a matter of individual taste, which is why one person might select a long, slender vibrating anal probe to bring herself to orgasm, but another person might choose something short and fat, like a robust butt plug, to push him over the edge. It just depends what you like.

Know that a 5 or 6 inch penis absolutely can stimulate a person’s ass just fine. Equally important, you can easily reach the prostate gland in men and the G-spot in women, since both “spots” are located just a few inches inside the rectum. In fact, I encourage most men who are using their cocks to stimulate the G-spot not to penetrate fully, since you’ll slide right by the G-spot (the same is true for the prostate).

As for positions, putting the receptive partner in doggie-style position (or what I call modified doggie style, where the head is down and the ass is in the air) can afford you a perfect angle to hit the G spot or the prostate and give you the opportunity for deeper penetration. You cannot actually “compress the anal channel,” but you can get in there deeper at that angle.

As for the differences in male and female anal anatomy, our anatomy is nearly identical except that men have a prostate gland (which can be stimulated through the rectum) and women have a G-spot (which can be directly stimulated through vaginal penetration and indirectly stimulated through anal penetration). Please don’t feel like your cock is inadequate, Short and Thick; as long as you know how to use it, you can bring your partner plenty of pleasure.

Aug 052001

I am in a relationship with woman, and we both want to try anal sex. But I have one concern. I know that it’s going to feel really good for me, because I am a guy, but what will it feel like for her? Do women get off on anal penetration, and if they do, then how exactly? Can my girlfriend come from it?

—What’s In It For Her?

Rest assured that there is plenty in it for her. First, let’s talk about the physical aspects of anal sex. Anorectal anatomy is nearly identical in men and women, and the entire area — the anus, anal canal, and rectum — is extremely rich in nerve endings and sensitive to stimulation of all kinds, including penetration. Because of this level of sensitivity, exploring our asses can bring us incredible sexual pleasure.

The one distinction in men and women’s anal anatomy is that men have a prostate gland, which can be reached and stimulated through the rectum. Although women don’t have a prostate, they do have a G-spot. The G-spot is reached through the front wall of the vagina, but it can also be indirectly stimulated through anal penetration. Since all that separates the rectum and the vagina is a thin membrane, if you angle a finger, toy, or penis toward the front wall of the vagina, women still may experience G-spot stimulation. Many women find that the G-spot stimulation they get from anal sex is one way they can have an orgasm. Another way for her to orgasm is to add clitoral stimulation as you penetrate her. Give her clit some rubbing action or let her jerk herself off with her hand or a vibrator while you do her in the ass, and see what happens.

In addition to the bundle of physical pleasure that anal stimulation brings, there are complex emotional and psychological issues that contribute to the erotic experience. For some people, the idea that anal sex is naughty, forbidden and taboo is very exciting, and adds to their enjoyment of it. For others, the great amount of trust one must have in a partner heightens the physical pleasure; allowing your partner to penetrate you in this special place says, “Here is a delicate part of my body, and I trust you not to hurt me but to make me feel very good.” That power exchange can be very intense for lovers. Anal sex is often represented in popular culture as violent and degrading; however, in reality, it can be extremely intimate, connecting, and even spiritual.

Aug 132000

My girlfriend wants me to kiss and lick her anus. I find this difficult because I was raised by strict Catholic parents who taught me that shit is dirty. I sniffed her asshole and it did not smell. I also licked all around it, but I could not bring my tongue to her little rosebud. I kept imagining it opening up and shit coming out of it. But when my girlfriend licked my anus, I ejaculated uncontrollably onto her chest. It felt great! How can I get past my hang-up?

—Rosebud, San Simeon

It’s not just God-fearing Catholics who shy away from ass-to-mouth action; actually, plenty of folks have a fear of shit which prevents them from exploring many different forms of backdoor love, including being tongue-tied inside a sweetie’s ass. Porn star and anal queen Chloe says in my video Tristan Taormino’s Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women (Evil Angel Video), “Get over your fear of shit!” I second that emotion, but I realize it may be easier said than done for many folks.

So, I first want to let you in on some basics about anatomy. When you penetrate someone’s ass with your tongue, your finger, a sex toy, or your cock, chances are you are not venturing beyond the rectum. You’d need something more than ten inches long or a good portion of your arm to move past the rectum and into the colon. So, for all intents and purposes, the rectum is your territory when it comes to anal play. And the rectum is not a storage facility. That’s right, you can’t stack boxes of old 45s in there or anything else. Feces are stored in the colon and move into the rectum when you are ready to have a bowel movement. So, if you feel like you have to go to the bathroom and you do, your rectum will be relatively clean and free of waste matter. Now, if you have the urge to poop, but instead stick something in your ass, well you are much more likely to find yourself with a mess on your hands (quite literally!). All this applies to people with good diets, regular, healthy bowel movements, and no chronic bowel or gastrointestinal problems. Empty bowels and perhaps a hot soapy shower will ensure that your anal romp will be nothing but good clean fun!

However, if you are especially concerned about cleanliness — and judging by those powerful poop images you are having, I’d say you are — then you may want to ask your girlfriend to have an enema before you go anywhere with that reluctant-yet-potentially-eager tongue of yours. You may also want to consider using a dental dam or some plastic wrap as a barrier between your mouth and her butthole. Since you have obviously experienced the ecstatic pleasures of rimming from the other end, you owe it to yourself and your girlfriend to give it right back to her. Sexual double standards suck, and it’s not fair that you should be sitting on her face without letting her sit on yours.