Jun 122001

I really want to be able to fist myself! I need your advice on how I can do it. I can fit four fingers up, but cannot get past the knuckles at the end of the fingers, therefore I cannot place my thumb in my ass, and so I can’t fist myself. Please help this poor guy, I am desperate!

—Fisting Aficionado

Is it my imagination or are my readers getting wilder and more adventurous since I started this column two years ago? That just puts a big ol’ grin on my face.

Let’s talk about anal fisting. You definitely want to have an enema before your anal fisting adventure so you can be completely cleaned out. Make sure you have an enema at least several hours before the actual fisting to give your body a chance to recover.

As with any form of extreme penetration, there is no such thing as too much lube when it comes to anal fisting. In fact, one of the tools I recommend is what I fondly call “the lube gun.” You can use either a stainless steel syringe or a disposable plastic one. Fill it with water-based lube, insert it, and shoot lube up your ass. This will lubricate the anal runway ahead of your hand, so you don’t have to re-lube as often. Because pulling your hand all the way out and re-lubing often breaks your momentum, and can make the rectum sore.

Just like you cannot have enough lube, you can also not have enough warm up. Be patient, and let your ass take its time to open up for something bigger. Use butt plugs or dildos which gradually increase in size; put one in and let it stay in to get your ass relaxed and ready for more. Getting past the knuckles is always the trickiest part. You need to be patient, respect the limits of your body, and go as slow as you need to.

I must say, I don’t know many folks who can fist themselves, but more power to you for getting as far as you have already, and, of course, for wanting even more! It seems to me that fisting yourself is all about body position and flexibility. You are ahead of the game if you’ve already gotten four fingers inside. You didn’t mention the position that you’ve been in, but I think that being on all fours or even squatting would work best.

Now, if you find that you just can’t make it happen, remember that there are some cool dildos on the market which are made to look just like a curled fist. You can find them in gay leather shops and catalogs usually. Having an “extra fist” means you can experiment with lots of different positions, and you aren’t limited by the size of your own hand. Please write back to me, and let me know if you finally do go all the way.

Mar 222001

It’s wonderful that you are so pro-anally inclined. I am a connoisseur of fine posteriors (my wife’s being on top of the list — sorry, don’t feel bad!). We watched your video,
The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, and enjoyed it very much. As I was trying to coax my wife into the act, somehow, she tightened up and it became a painful ordeal. We’ve had anal sex before, and she enjoys plugs in her butt when we are having vaginal sex. But she can’t take my turgid member as frequently as I would like.

—Help My Turgid Member

Glad to hear that you worship your wife’s ass. Now, you need to take a little extra care so that both of you can enjoy anal sex. First of all, if she’s experiencing pain during penetration, there may be several different causes. In general, you need to concentrate on giving her a lot of foreplay before you move on to putting your dick in her ass. Use your fingers, then a dildo smaller than your dick, and let her get used to that first. Go slow, and make sure everything feels good to her before graduating to more fingers or a bigger toy. If she experiences discomfort or pain, there may be too much friction. Add some more lube, and see if it feels better when you slide back in. Or you could stop the movement of your finger or the toy, but stay inside; see if the pain subsides. If she’s still hurting, stop penetration altogether and focus on more external stimulation — a hand job, oral sex, more foreplay.

Let her know that she’s the one in control of the situation, and if she needs to, stop the activity altogether. She needs to relax, take some deep breaths, listen to her body, and tell you when she’s ready. After she is warmed-up and ready for your cock, lubricate your turgid member and re-lube her ass. Place your cock at her anal opening and hold it with your hand to help you guide it. Now, you have a few options:

  1. Have her move her body toward your cock (forward or backward depending on your positions), while you guide it inside.
  2. Rub your cock against her opening. This external stimulation should relax the anus. As the sphincter muscles contract, the opening appears to “wink” at you. As it winks open, take the opportunity to slide in.
  3. Press your cock against her opening and gently push against it (she may want to either relax or bear down in order to let you inside).
  4. Penetrate her ass with your finger, withdraw it, and while her anus is open, gently insert your penis.

Have her stimulate her clit as you penetrate her. This will relax and arouse her, making penetration easier. Deep breathing will help her relax and concentrate on opening her ass to you as well as circulating blood to her genitals. (Taking shallow breaths tightens the muscles and inhibits the engorgement process.) If you’re having trouble hitting your intended target (hey, those two holes are close together and it’s slippery with all that lube), have her wrap her fingers around the head of your cock and help to guide you inside her ass.

When you first get inside her ass, don’t go too deep. Again, you want to give her ass an opportunity to get used to your penis. Keep your movements slow, gentle, and subtle at first. When she’s ready, you can venture farther inside and start some slow thrusting. She should tell you if she wants you to go deeper or faster or both. Then, it’s simply a matter of exploring what feels good for both of you.

Feb 142001

For a long time, I have been trying to give it to my wife up the ass. But when I start to put it in her ass, I am only able to get the head part of the way in, then it won’t go much further.

We found an ad in a swinger’s magazine for a guy who said he was a pro at ass fucking. He promised if it hurt her, he would stop. He was a black man with a very large cock, and I was sure that he couldn’t get it in. He started by playing around with her, then they had vaginal intercourse. He slowly worked a finger up her butt. He told her to get on her hands and knees doggie-style, then he worked another finger inside her ass. He pulled his fingers out, then placed the head of his cock against the opening of her butt. I was amazed at how easily he got his dick in her ass. But since then, I have tried, and she just flinches and tightens up. I want to get my dick in my wife’s ass, can you please help?

—Dying to Get It In

Well, the good news is that your wife seems to be physically capable of taking and enjoying a cock up her ass, according to your story about her romp with the swinger. The bad news is that cock wasn’t yours.

Well, I think you can learn a few things from your swinger friend. First, let me applaud him for saying that if it hurt her, he would stop, and I encourage you to give her the same reassurance. It will help her relax and put her mind at ease. He engaged in lots of foreplay before the anal deed, including vaginal penetration and using his fingers to warm up her ass. Both activities probably got your wife aroused, relaxed, and ready for more. Follow his lead, and make sure you use plenty of lube (in both of her holes) when you do. Ask her when she’s ready for your cock, and let her be the one in control of the action from there. Ask her what position she wants to be in, or maybe suggest doggie-style, since that worked for her before. Rub the head of your cock at her opening, tease her with it, and let her prepare herself for the penetration. Have her reach back and guide your cock with her hand. This way, she can control the pace and depth of your entry. She can also come back on your dick from the position. You may need to help her out by pressing firmly, but don’t rush it and definitely don’t just shove your cock in her. With patience, I have hope you are on your way to assfucking delight!

Nov 052000

My boyfriend and I want to have a three-way experience—he and his best friend (a guy) and me. It has always been a fantasy of mine and he too wants to go through with it. We both swing, so we don’t mind seeing each other with another person. I have never really done this before. I have sucked another guy off while my boyfriend fucked me. However, I have never had two guys penetrate me at the same time, but I really want to do this. I think the idea of having two cocks in me—one in my pussy and one in my ass—would be an unbelievable feeling. However, this seems to be a hard thing to pull off. Do you have any tips on how to make this experience as pleasurable as possible?


Congrats for being able to voice your fantasy out loud and tell your boyfriend. Fantasies can be incredible forces in our lives. When you share a fantasy with your partner, it can bring you closer together — and you can have a hot time in the process!

My first piece of advice is that maybe the two of you should practice some double penetration before you invite your friend over. Use a flexible vibrator or dildo in one of your holes and your boyfriend fills the other. Use lots and lots of lube, go slow, and work your way up to it. Communication is extremely important: you’re testing the limits of your body, so make sure you give your man plenty of feedback about how it feels.

Also realize that some women can easily and comfortably accommodate something of size in their pussy and in their ass. Others will take some effort, with lots of warm-up. But some women may not be able to do it at all, since double penetration really depends on your internal map, and if there’s room for two. You are the one who will know best if it’s possible, so make sure you’re the one who’s in charge and calling the shots. Work out the kinks on your dildo before you plan your threesome.

When you are ready to tackle two flesh cocks at once, use plenty of lube and go really slow. Depending on the size and height of all three of you, some positions will work better than others. You may want to straddle one man and have the other nail you from behind. Try to take one cock about halfway inside your pussy, then angle your body to take the other one in your ass. Both men should start with shallow penetration, so you can get used to the feeling. Remember that porn stars make it look easy in adult movies, but they are seasoned professionals! You may be much more awkward your first time around. Practice makes perfect.

Sep 142000

A while back, my fiancee and I purchased your book
The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women. We are hoping to include regular anal sex in our married sex life. As anal sex seems to take more preparation and time than other activities, we are planning to make the time for it and figured we’d shoot for once a week. Once the body is used to this activity, what is the best minimum frequency? Meaning, if we end up having anal sex say only once a month, will the body still be used to it or will we have to “re-train” it? We are open to having anal sex as often as we can to help make it an enjoyable experience always.

—Rick & Kristine

I applaud you for taking such a positive, healthy, and, most of all, realistic approach to anal sex. The reason that many women experience pain from anal penetration and vow that they’ll never do it again is because men rush the process, don’t work their way up, try to do too much too quickly, and end up hurting their partners. You are correct — anal sex does take time and preparation. The more patience and warm up you do, the better the experience will be for both of you.

But I know you must be thinking, “Do we have to go super slow, one little knuckle at a time, every single time?” The answer is yes and no. You always need to start out small, no matter how experienced you are. You cannot go from zero to sixty in five seconds flat. In other words, don’t just stick that big hard cock of yours in her ass. Tease her with your tongue, rub her clit, nibble her neck, open her ass up with your fingers, do whatever it takes to relax and arouse her. When she tells you she is ready for you, begin slowly.

The more you have anal sex, the easier and speedier this warm up will be. Your muscles do have memory. As long as you give them positive experiences, it will be easier for those muscles to relax and it will take less time for her ass to open up for your cock. I cannot give you a specific number of times you need to do it to keep in shape; that varies tremendously depending on the people and situations. The more you practice warming up to anal penetration, the more she’ll get used to how it feels when she is ready for you, and you will be well versed in all it takes to get her there.

Mar 081999

I have just started working as a professional dominatrix, and some of my clients (men) want me to fuck them in the ass with a strap-on. Any advice for a novice in that area?

–Mistress Scarlett, Minneapolis, MN

I am so glad you brought this subject up! I just went to a play party at a small dungeon, and watched an amazing anal scene. A tall, gorgeous dom with fiery red hair and thigh-high PVC boots had her sub on his knees sucking her strap-on cock with his hands tied behind his back. He was a little wisp of a thing, but boy could he fit that big cock in his mouth. After he serviced her, she put him on a bondage table on his back, and basically tied his knees to his chest with some beautiful rope work (red, of course). When she snapped on a latex glove, you could see his eyes get big and glassy. She started working her fingers in his ass, and he squirmed and moaned, but couldn’t go anywhere. She came to the edge of the table and started teasing him with her greased-up cock. He went nuts. Finally, she gave it to him, all eight inches, and he was in heaven.

Now for my advice:

There are so many men out there who enjoy having their assholes stimulated, played with, licked, and penetrated. And, according to lots of men I’ve talked to who are into power play, they especially love to be anally penetrated as part of being dominated, disciplined, even punished or humiliated. In addition to all the nerve endings in the anal area, men have a pleasure spot that’s just too good to overlook — the prostate gland. You can stimulate the prostate with your finger or a dildo.

First, you want to choose a harness that fits you well — the snugger and more secure the better; there are many different kinds (usually made of nylon or leather), and you should definitely try them on in a sex toy store if possible to see which works best for you. For beginning anal players, I would recommend a smaller dildo to start out, but of course, you should find what works best for you and your clients.

As the one doing the penetration, you should also experiment with different positions. I know that the first few times I fucked someone in the ass with a strap-on, I had the person in traditional doggie-style position for several reasons: 1) doggie style gives you a clear view of the butthole, so you can see what the hell you’re doing 2) the position allows for a good angle of penetration, towards the prostate in men (and towards the G-spot in women); and 3) it’s an easy angle to get your balance, establish a rhythm, and get some good thrusting going. So, you may want to start out that way, but you can also try missionary (usually with legs over the shoulders) or man-on-top. Although, as a dominant, I would say that putting him in a position with his ass in the air and head down is probably the best way to go, both practically and for its obvious submissive possibilities.

Anal penetration requires patience, practice and lube, lots of lube. Make sure your bottom is warmed up with lots of teasing. When you start out, you want to go slow and let the butt get used to having something inside it. Always work your way up, adding more lube as you go. When he’s finally read for that big silicone dick, be gentle at first; the more you go easy in the beginning, the more his ass will open up and trust you later on when you really want to ram the guy!

For more on this subject, definitely check out the fabulous video series: Bend Over Boyfriend (Fatale Video) and Bend Over Boyfriend 2: Less Talkin’, More Rockin’ (S.I.R. Productions). There is also a good book called The Strap On Book (Greenery Press) and another called The Ultimate Guide to Dildo and Harness Sex (Cleis Press).