Sep 222011

The Pin Up Bullet Vibe is a glittery, gorgeous bullet vibrator with three speeds that’s waterproof; it is 3.35” long and has a textured coating. The vibe comes in a sexy case adorned with authentic vintage pin-up art. Inside, you’ll also find Bombshell Orgasm Balm, a minty balm made of natural oils and ingredients. Dab a little on your clitoral hood, and the menthol in it creates a tingling sensation and increases circulation to the area to boost the arousal process. Two ‘N’ batteries are included (the vibrator takes one, so you have an extra). Carry it in your purse or luggage, leave it on the nightstand, and no one will know what’s inside! Choose from three different designs: Betty (a brunette in lingerie with an orange glitter vibe), Gigi (a redhead with a silver glitter vibe) or Ruby (a brunette with a red glitter vibe).

Sep 062011

I’m so excited that my new book, The Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation will be out in October from Quiver Books. Yup, that means I have two books coming out in one month (the other one is Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica)! This is my third book for Quiver, which specializes in sex ed books with photos. I like to think of them as erotic educational coffee table books.

The publisher has original photography shot for each book it publishes, and I was especially excited to learn that famous second-generation pornographer (who I profiled in my Village Voice column years ago) Holly Randall was the photographer for this project! I even got to be on set one day, which was a ton of fun. Quiver’s books are marketed toward straight couples and do a brisk business at Barnes & Noble, so the photography reflects that: it’s softcore and pretty heteronormative.

When I wrote The Anal Sex Position Guide for them, I specifically told them that I would be discussing male anal pleasure and pegging (strap-on anal sex with female givers and male receivers), and I wanted there to be photos of both in the book. This was a departure from all past books, and seemed to be way out of their comfort zone, but they agreed to it. It made me so happy!

When we talked about the G-spot book, once again, I challenged them. If I am was going to write a book about the G-spot, I wanted to speak to lots of folks with G-spots, including women who have sex with women. So, I wanted my book to feature images of women having sex with men and with other women (they aren’t ready for people of other genders, trust me). While Quiver has published one book about lesbian sex, it has never done a book that depicts different sexual partnering side by side. Again, they agreed! I also got to pick the models for the woman/woman pairing, so I recommended Lexi Belle and India Summer, two women I have had the pleasure of directing who I know really enjoy having sex with women. I’m happy about how the book looks, and can’t wait to see it on the shelves.

You can pre-order it now from Amazon for 36% off the cover price.
I’m hitting the road on tour this fall, and you can see my schedule here.

Aug 152005

My wife and I are new to anal sex but we are both very interested and excited to try it. She enjoys penetration of small objects such as fingers and small plugs. But as we work up slowly to bigger things such as dildos and my cock, she complains of pain and sometimes burning. Also, I can’t get either of these things to go in her ass. She has no problem taking fingers or small plugs. She has one tight ass, let me tell you. We are using plenty of Astroglide, so I don’t think lube is the issue. She is ready and willing to try, but her body is not cooperating and it zaps the pleasure and fun out of it a lot of the time. Can you give us some advice on how to make things go easier without the pain?

–Backdoor Newbies

It sounds like you are taking many of the necessary steps for safe and pleasurable anal penetration, including going slowly, warming up with small things like fingers and toys, and using plenty of lube. As fans of Astroglide, I suggest you try Astroglide Gel, that brand’s thicker lube. Thick water-based lubes tend to stay wet longer and can act as a cushion inside the delicate rectum. The burning she experiences can be another form of pain (many people report the same feeling when they rush it or take something too big) or the body’s reaction to the lube. Try some different lubes to rule out the latter.

My suggestion is that you add some clitoral stimulation to the mix, which you did not mention in your letter. Whether you use your tongue, your hand, a vibrator, or she touches herself, clitoral stimulation can help transform anal penetration into a much more pleasurable experience. In fact, some women say they can’t have anything in their ass without clit stimulation. Remember, the more turned on she is, the more her body will relax, and she can let go. It’s also important for her to be one hundred percent into it. Ask her if she has lingering fears or doubts, since they can be getting in the way of her enjoyment. Her state of mind and body are both crucial to the experience, so make sure you take care of them both.

May 292005

I am on a maddening search to find information online about the A-spot on/in a woman. We’ve all heard plenty about the G-spot but the A is not so much talked about. Have you heard about it and can you advise me where it is exactly and how it is stimulated?

–Desperately Seeking The A-Spot

I pride myself on knowing nearly everything there is to know about the ass, and I’ve never heard of the A-Spot! If you’re searching for the equivalent to the G-spot in a girl’s behind, the bad news is that there isn’t one. Men have a prostate which is sometimes referred to as the male G-spot (I’ve never heard it called the A-spot, although I suppose it could be). You can stimulate the prostate through anal penetration and it’s very pleasurable for guys, but there isn’t an exact equivalent for chicks.

The good news is that if you’re hunting for sensitive spots inside a woman’s butt, there are plenty. The anus, anal canal, and rectum are all made of sensitive tissue that’s rich in nerve endings and very responsive to all kinds of stimulation. Plus, many women find that their G-spots get indirectly stimulated through anal penetration; some even say that an anal orgasm feels a lot like the orgasm they experience from direct G-spot stimulation. To indirectly hit the G-spot, slip a finger or two inside the ass and aim toward the front of the body (just like when you want to get to the G-spot); curved dildos and vibrators can also be great for anal penetration and indirect G-spot stimulation. You can call off your search for the A-spot — there isn’t just one spot, the whole butt is fair game!

Feb 052005

I’m a 21 year old male anal sex lover. First off, I’d like to say that I respect your work a lot. It’s awesome that a woman like you does so much work to turn women on to accepting anal pleasure. With that said, here’s my dilemma. My girlfriend loves anal pleasure, but cannot handle it. When I finger her asshole, and or touch her pussy at all, she says it’s too much. She has to stop me because she says it feels too good, and that she can’t handle it. It is because of this we have never gotten past the two-finger mark. But she wants to have my cock in her ass, and, of course, so do I! I just recently ordered her some new toys, but my question is how can I get my girlfriend to relax? We think we have tried everything short of drugs, which we don’t want to try. How can I get my girlfriend to give in to the pleasure and loosen up? We both really want to get my cock into her ass without hurting her!

–Fellow Anal Lover

The ass is an incredibly sensitive erogenous zone, so it’s not surprising that some women can find anal stimulation or penetration too intense. Believe it or not, the more aroused your girlfriend gets, the more stimulation she’ll be able to take; blood will rush to her genitals and the entire area will get swollen and be more receptive to pleasure. Try to bring her close to orgasm before you play with her ass, and see if she responds any differently. If anal play still feels overwhelming to her, than you may want to investigate the situation further. Sometimes when a person is super-sensitive during sex, there may be an emotional component at work. One more tip: there are a few steps between the two-finger mark and your cock. One of the most common mistakes people make is that they rush penetration which leads to discomfort or pain. If you make it to a pleasurable two fingers, try adding a well-lubed third or try a small butt plug or dildo. When that feels great — and not before — you can consider your cock.

Nov 122004

My wife and I have indulged in anal sex as occasional fun. Since becoming pregnant, she has had some vaginal soreness which has lead to an increase in anal play which I really love. My wife has admitted she really likes analingus and sometimes orgasms during anal penetration. My fear is that once she gives birth, anal sex will return to being only an occasional thing again. How can I persuade or convince my wife to let the good times roll?

–An Anal Lover

If your telling of the situation is accurate, it sounds like your anal play hasn’t just served as a “substitute” for vaginal penetration, but that your wife is having a pretty good time (orgasms being a clear indicator of a good time). I suggest you talk to your wife about exactly what she likes about anal, in addition to analingus, and keep doing more of it. The better time she has during your anal explorations now, the more likely she is to continue wanting you to fuck her in the ass post-pregnancy.

Oct 272004

I was just wondering if having anal sex while on your menstrual cycle is okay. If you do have sex during this time, how does it feel? Does it feel as good as it does any other time? I have been really horny this cycle and I was just wondering for next time.

–Red Alert

It’s absolutely safe for women to have anal sex while they have their periods. Usually, it’s more a matter of preference and comfort rather than safety. For some women, while they are menstruating, they have cramps, bloating, and other symptoms which don’t make them feel very turned on. Others, like you, can feel an increase in their sex drive and want to have more sex. As for how it feels, it really depends on the individual. Some women find that all their erogenous zones (including their asses) are more sensitive just before they bleed or during menstruation, while others don’t notice a significant change.

Aug 182004

Are some women’s butts more pre-disposed to anal intercourse than others? I know we are all different, with different bodies, needs, and desires, but I wonder if there is a physical component to achieving success in anal penetration. My current partner loves anal sex, and she can have these long, all-over-her-body orgasms when I fuck her that way. With my last girlfriend, however, I wanted on many occasions to have anal sex, but could never get it right. We did loads of foreplay, including massaging, oral with loads of clitoral stimulation, anal rimming, licking, loads of lube etc. With all that said and done, her butthole never loosened up very much, and didn’t get vaguely close to me getting myself in there. Is she just not an ‘A’ candidate, or was I missing something somewhere?

–Perplexed About A Butt

Yours is a very interesting question, one I think could be asked about all sorts of sexual desires and acts, not just anal penetration. You’re correct about how individual we all are; while our anatomy may be similar, our sexuality — how we liked to be touched, what turns us on, what combinations of sensations and scenarios brings us to orgasm — can be almost as unique as our fingerprints. Certainly, there are some women who seem to enjoy anal pleasure more than others, and I can say from experience that some women have an easier time than others. When I say easy, though, know that all the same rules still apply; you still must use lube, go slow, and make sure her body is warmed up. Likewise, there are plenty of women who tell me that they enjoy anal, but it takes them a lot of time to relax and open up, and on some occasions, it just won’t happen.

I appreciate your dedication to your previous girlfriend; it sounds like you made all the right moves, but even with the best effort, sometimes foreplay isn’t enough. In addition to the physical aspects of anal play, there are psychological and emotional components that cannot be ignored. If a woman is feeling unsure, nervous, anxious, or conflicted about receiving anal pleasure, then no amount of expert cunnilingus or rimming may change her mind. Sometimes, working through a partner’s fears about anal play — whether it’s the potential mess or pain, or feeling dirty for just wanting it — are the key to opening up. Free her mind, and (hopefully) her ass will follow.

Mar 202004

I just started having anal sex with my girlfriend. We did it the first time with lots of lube and I was able to get the entire shaft inside her with little to no pain. She told me that she could feel the fullness but she got no pleasure or pain from it. She said that if I wanted to do it again later it would be no problem since it does not hurt her; however, I would like for her to get some pleasure out of it. I cannot touch her vagina with my fingers because she is very ticklish there. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it them.

–Pleasure With My Probe

Bravo to you for realizing that anal sex should be pleasurable for both people involved. My suggestion is that you add some clitoral stimulation to the mix. While you are doing her ass, rub her clit, or, if it’s easier, have her do it herself. You could also use a vibrator for more intense, focused sensation. Many women (me included!) love the combination of clitoral and anal stimulation, and lots of girls say that they don’t experience pleasure from anal penetration without something on their clit.

I’m not sure what to make of your girlfriend’s ticklish pussy. That sounds more psychological than physical to me. Perhaps it’s a reaction to her feeling shy about receiving pleasure; if that’s the case, then you should encourage her to relax and give herself permission to experience being touched and pleasured. Or, it could be that when she’s turned on, her genitals become super-sensitive, and stimulation of any kind feels overwhelming. Then, try softer, more indirect kinds of stimulation, like rubbing her clit from one side, rather than directly on top.

Nov 082003

My girlfriend and I have tried anal sex multiple times, but she doesn’t like it unless I rub her clit. As soon as I stop rubbing it, she says it’s very painful and wants to stop. She is also afraid to try doing certain anal positions. We only do it lying on our sides, facing the same direction. She claims that doggy style hurts too much from our one time of trying it. I am desperate for help!

–Anal Addict Denied

It fascinates me that you consider yourself an “anal addict denied,” because you are, in fact, having anal sex — just not necessarily in the exact way you want to be. If your wife doesn’t like it doggy style, that’s most likely because that position offers the deepest penetration, and it obviously doesn’t work for her; fucking her in “spooning position” — which you say works for you — may mean less deep thrusting for you, but a lot more comfort for her. If you’re simply dying to do it to her doggy style, then I suggest taking more shallow strokes, and seeing if that feels better.

As for your problem that she doesn’t like anal unless you rub her clit, well, what exactly is the problem? Rub her clit! The majority of women need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, and most would say it enhances all kinds of penetration. I know lots of women who can’t take anything in their ass without something working their clit; it helps them relax, get aroused, and it just feels great. If rubbing her clit is difficult because of your body position, then let your wife work her own clit while you concentrate on her ass; that way, it’s a win-win situation.