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Author Topic: Fantasie No. 1 - The Temp
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Post Fantasie No. 1 - The Temp
on: July 11, 2013, 12:01

We had met in an office. Surrounded by tech-speak and computer terminals and water-cooler banter we tried to avoid entwining our gazes, and get on with the job. Mostly we succeeded. But she thought I was a promising young man and I had an incredible, knowing feeling about her.

She was a temp, and her last day came, and I thought she was out of my life like a dead person - irrevocably gone. I was aching, and could think of nothing but what I had furtively observed of her short, red hair, green eyes, and pale, smooth skin, her fine torso and solid thighs and buttocks.

And yet here she was, a surprise at my Park Slope door. I'm sure she wondered if she should really have knocked. This time we looked searchingly into each others' eyes, and smiles came over us, and then giggles and chuckles.

"Come on in," I said, and she stepped in, dressed in a ribbed, grey top with no bra and purple gym shorts and worn, white running shoes.

I guessed she was out jogging Prospect Park, and took a chance on meeting me at home.

As soon as the door closed behind her, we flung our arms around each other, and we hugged. I started to ask if she would like some water, but she muffled my words with a lingering kiss, and when our faces parted she sealed my mouth with one finger as if to say "shhhhhh!" quietly. After more hugging and kissing, I let my one arm fall around her waist, pointing the way with the other arm, and urged her towards my public room. The tickle in my cavarnossum overcame me as I came the first time...

In the public room, I left her and said "have a seat..." and proceeded to draw the curtains.

Turning from that gesture, I saw she was still standing. She looked at the divan, at my desk, at my book cases, and then back at me.

She smiled and said, "here - *you* sit!", pointing, and so I slumped in the plush chair beside my desk.

She sat in my lap, leaning back. I took her hands in mine, wrapping my arms around her. We turned our faces together and searched each others' eyes and nose and cheeks and ears and scalps - the necking provoked goose bumps for her and for me.

Then I put my hands on her waist and pushed, and she stood up so I could tug at her shorts. Half way down her thighs, she bent over to undo the running shoes. It was glorious to behold her butt and her anus and her labia - not for long! - my tongue found her minora already moist and the wrinkly slick of her anus. Somehow her crotch had a salty, sweaty smell with shades of urine and the more difficultly defined female smell.

We both doffed our lower clothes. She sat in my lap again, feeling my penis across her natal cleft, thighs spread, and for several moments I stroked her front, and her pubes, visiting a very erect clitoris and dipping my fingers in her moist minora. She felt warmth on her chest. We breathed rhythmicly into each others faces. From time to time I opened my eyes to admire her erect nipples askance.

Finally, she sat up and said "Are you sure you want to do this?"

I said "That's my line..."

She half stood, leaning forward, while she directed my penis in between her buttocks with her right hand. My glans found her anus and I came again. Taking my penis from her with my hand, I stroked her anus slowly with my glans, lubricated with her vaginal fluids and my saliva and semen. About the fifth stroke, she relaxed and I pushed against her anus. She sat.

My erection felt like it was going to pop from my pubic bone. But she said "It's in!" as she felt a slightly cold stretch at her anus.

I whispered, "Not really - let's lube..."

I withdrew my glans. We both stood. I stepped from behind her, kissing her mouth with one of those glancing kisses that doesn't quite find the mark. I walked to the stairs and then bounded up, hoping my ass wouldn't be spotted through the glass work around the door, pantsless, by someone passing in the street, and then went into the bedroom to pull my toy chest from under the bed. 'Ah', I thought, opening the plastic chest and reaching for the water-based lube.

She scratched her pubes momentarily as she waited, and then stood with her hips at a slant, feeling her own slippery juices flow in her cracks. 'Why are we fucking in this office?' she thought as she waited.

I grabbed a towel and ran down the stairs with my half-erection bouncing and almost jumped back into my public room. Before I dropped into the chair again, I stopped to hug her and reached around with my right hand to stroke and fondle her buttocks, while our noses pressed together and we looked into each others' eyes - her pupils narrowed - so I quit. She said "Gimme that!" playfully. And she took the lube from my hand. She stood between my knees facing me.

Uncapping the lube, she squirted with her left hand onto her right hand until it almost glopped on the floor. Then she reached to her rear and smeared between her buttocks, feeling the cool jelly flow onto them and into her crack. She fingered her anus and slid a finger in and out, trying to get some of the lube inside. She set the lube down on the desk.

I sat up and pulled her hips to me. Her hands went to my shoulders, and I looked up into her green eyes. "Wanna go upstairs for some fisting?".

"Well,..." she said.

Then I stood, she stepping back, and walked around my desk. Bending over my desk, I folded my arms and lay my head down. "C'mon!...'

She stepped around behind me, picked up the lube again and squished it in her hand, then smeared my rear and inserted a finger. She felt a warm ring close on her finger, and the wet, velvety warmth of my rectum. "Use two...," I said, and she put in two fingers at the next, slow stroke, curving her fingers around my tail bone. She put the lube down while she added a third finger, and after a time she formed her whole hand and started to push slowly. Finally, her knuckles slid in and I felt so full, so stretched. She reached under me, between my legs and stroked my penis gently. This time, my whole pelvis convulsed with an analgasm wrapped around her hand.

"It's pretty warm in there," she said, withdrawing her hands. I stood, off the desk, and knelt in front of her, kissing in her pubes. Then I took her sticky hand, pulled, and said "Get down!"

She knelt and then we slumped on our side, on the floor, facing each other. I rose and turned so her head was almost between my knees, and she instinctively began to fellate me and also reached behind to fist me more. Pressing her knees with my stomach I began fingering her ass, working in two fingers, then three, and forming my whole hand began to push, but I didn't feel safe pushing my whole hand in - too large!

After a time we each disengaged, and rolled onto our backs. We lay still for some moments in the quiet, listening to each other breathe and listening to passing traffic outside the wall.

Finally, she said "My butt's buzzing..."

I said, "Something for you to remember me by... will I see you again, soon?"

"Dunno,..." she said, "I'm the temp, remember?"

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