AEBN: PuckerUp Video on Demand, 100,000 movies
Crash Pad Series: authentic queer porn
Extreme Restraints: fantastic fetish store
For The Girls: erotica and porn for women
Gamelink: 65,000 titles in DVD and VOD
Good Vibrations: making the world a sexier place
Heavenly Spire: masculine beauty and sexuality
Hot Movies for Her: porn selected by women for women
Kink University: BDSM education on demand
Kinky Medical: medical supplies for work & play
Queer Porn TV: real queer porn stars
Pink Label TV: Streaming Independent Queer Porn Movies
Relationship 10x: Reid Mihalko’s 6 week training course to transform relationships
Sex and Mischief: Redefining S&M gear
Sex In the Shower: Products to help you get wet
Sportsheets International: Helping ordinary couples explore new positions together
The Stockroom: great BDSM and fetish gear


BDSM, Kink & Fetish
3xL: Lust, Love & Latex
Academy of SM Arts
Aslan Leather
Barbara Nitke
Behind Kink
Dark Fire BDSM Toys
Fetish Factory
Halfway Creations
International Ms. Leather (IMsL)
Leather Leadership Conference
MOB New England
Men in Pain
Mr. Bad Daddy
The Baroness
The Crucible (Washington DC)
Violet Wand

Audacia Ray, Waking Vixen
Bliss Warrior
Christian Sings the Blues
Cleo Dubois in Kink With Heart
Helen Boyd, en|gender
Hey Epiphora
Lolita Wolf
Polyamorously Perverse
Rachel Kramer Bussel
The Sexademic
Susie Bright
Violet Blue

The Inverted Eye: a Subtly Kinky & Fetish Antique Store
Kate Bornstein
Rings of Desire (Piercing)

Feminist Porn
The Feminist Porn Conference
For all links related to feminist porn, see the Feminist Porn Resources page.

LGBT Resources
Families Like Mine
My Secret Obsession
The Center
Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide

Photography & Erotic Art

Barbara Nitke
Jody Wheat
HOTTLEAD – Michael Broderick
Inky Blue Allusions
Michele Serchuk
Paulie and Pauline
Project 1
Richard Kern
The Lovely Brenda
Two Sparrows Photography

Polyamory Creating & Sustaining Open Relationships
Loving More
Polyamorous NYC
Polyamory Weekly Podcast
Practical Polyamory

SALACIOUS: a queer feminist sex mag
Blithe House Quarterly
Clean Sheets
Mind Caviar
Spread Magazine

Sex Ed
Vivid-Ed: Sex Advice for a New Generation
Adolescent Sexuality Today
The Center for Sex and Culture
Center for Sex Positive Culture
House O’ Chicks (Makers of the Vulva Puppet)
How to Have Good Sex
International Rectal Microbicide Advocates
San Francisco Sex Information
Sex And Relationships
Sexy Spirits
Society for Human Sexuality
Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
Teen Pregnancy in America: Facts, Figures, and Trends
Vibrator FAQ

Sex-Positive Community and Resources
Body Electric
Felice Newman, Somatic Sex Coaching
Feminist Porn Awards
Keiko Lane, MFT
The Pleasure Salon
Poly Patao Productions
Transcending Boundaries

Sexuality, Kink, Tantra, and Relationship Educators
Annie Sprinkle
Anya de Montigny
Barbara Carrellas, Urban Tantra
Betty Dodson & Carlin Ross
Carol Queen
Cleo Dubois, Academy of SM Arts
Cyndi Darnell
Mark Michaels & Patricia Johnson, Tantra PM
Sarah Sloane
Reid About Sex: Sex and Relationship Expert Reid Mihalko

Sexuality: Miscellaneous
Adam and Eve’s Safe Sex Guide
Better Sex: Articles, Advice, Discussion
Ejaxxulator: The Ejaculating Dildo
Sex Work Awareness
Sexualsong (Erotic and Sexual Music)
Trust: Natural Oil for Intimacy

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