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Author Topic: Fantasie No. 2 - At Home
Posts: 7
Post Fantasie No. 2 - At Home
on: June 16, 2014, 16:09

Mmmm.... what a blessing to meet your opposite number... we kiss a lot, all over, and paw and stroke. We might stand in a warm shower, cupping each other's buttocks while inserting one finger, still kissing... thumbs aren't bad. I like the grip of her anus.

It all started on a hot day. We just kind of knew what each was thinking, as i drove the station wagon to a remote location, and we bailed out into the back. Clothes started to fly between the kisses, and soon she straddled my shoulders, bent to fellating me while i sucked and kissed her clit, and licked her vagina.

Finally, i craned my neck a little and gave her anus a smack. She moved off, laying on her side, but smiling and she said "That felt weird... let's go home!" So we dressed hurriedly and i drove - it was all a blur 'til we got in the front door, slammed, and then the clothes began to fly again... touch her here, touch her there, while she groped my balls, stroked my penis, and suckled my nipples... more breathless kisses, and then i took her hand and led her to the bathroom.

She had the funniest look on her face! But although her expression became solemn as i picked up the enema bag out of the drawer,she knew what was coming as I filled the bag and asked her if she liked it cold or hot. "Choices, choices!" she quipped, and her nipples rose as she stood there observing. We kissed more. The bag overflowed and was hung dripping by the shower curtain. I looked at her and smiled, and she tittered a little and smiled, caressing the nozzle i held up to her. More hugs as my cock bounced against her pubes and upper thighs, and i came all over her groin.

Then I turned, closing the toilet lid by the shower, and sat. "Lay across my lap," i invited her. She knelt, and then climbed over my legs, sliding on the goo until her lap was in my lap, and she folded her arms on the mat on the floor to support her head, all of which left her soft buttocks in my face.

Grasping the dangling nozzle and spreading her cleft to reveal her anus, i pointed the rounded douche tip to the spot and pressed gently. No go! So I reached for a small bottle of shampoo, and dribbled a little blue gel between her buttocks, on her spot. This time, the nozzle eased in one inch, two inches. "Ya OK?" She felt a little acid in the pit of her stomach, and the nozzle pointed into the wall of rectum... somehow the shampoo felt cold and warm and slick all at the same time. "Wait" she said, and reached back, thrusting the nozzle in and out, but in a slightly curved motion that she thought was more comfortable, finally gripping the tube and thrusting the nozzle deeply out of sight.

I undid the clasp, and there was a slight gurgling sound for an instant. She felt the cool water inside her rectum, tickling as it started, creeping and seeping deeper into her bowels, the pit of her stomach welcoming a gentle flow, but then spasming. She pursed her lips as the sharp pain subsided and a peristaltic sound emanated as the water flowed again, it's tepid finger reaching deeper and deeper until she could feel the pressure building first in her colon, then at her small intestine. But, it was only a two-and-a-half liter bag...

After a moment, I said "Ya OK?" and she said "...mmmmm...." with her eyes closed, feeling full low-down in her abdomen. A cold cramp reared itself inside her, and in a moment she asked "How long do I have to wait?" "Not long..." I said, plucking the tube and the nozzle from her anus. A little water ran out of the nozzle and wet the backs of her thighs.

I reached to her sternum and picked up her torso as she stood beside me with a very resigned expression.

"Oh!" I said, "...have a seat!" And I jumped up while she raised the toilet lid and placed her bottom on the seat. "I leave you to it..." and I exited the bathroom, leaving her to an hour of sudden splats and farts and dribbles.

After that,, she showered and dried, put on my terry-cloth bathrobe, and came to where I waited on the bed in my room. I was nude. We agreed that we were really hungry at this point, so I warmed some crescents that i had, buttered them and brought them back to bed on a plate. We sat cross-legged, munching for a moment, and then kissing for a moment. "Wow!..." we said - acknowledging that the butter really warmed the feeling between our lips.

And we fell over to cuddle some more. She doffed the bathrobe and rolled over, sliding back, to rub her buttocks on my groin. After a moment I said, "hold on - i hafta get somethin''" ... I rolled over, and reached for my toy box under the bed, opened it, and withdrew a large acrylic dildo and lube. I lubed my anus, and pointing the dildo to my own ass, pressed, and with a quick squish, the dildo entered. I pushed each inch in slowly, waiting for the internal sphincters to give as the head pressed them, until all 8 inches were in, and the square tail, too, with my anus closing around it.

This always gives me the most amazing erections - firm and long and ticklishly sensitive.

She felt my penis bounce against her buttocks. She asked for the lube, and reached back to apply it to herself. She was on her side, almost fetally curled, as my firm glans pressed against her relaxing anus. With a little lurch, I was inside, and pushing deeper, until her sphincter closed, almost around my balls.

And so we lay for at least half an hour... so connected. At home.

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