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  1. Great post Tristan, as normal!

  2. As a male sex toy reviewer and educator that has worked with Burlesque already and continues to do so, I have to say that Burlesque Toyshop is amazing. Everyone I’ve dealt with has been super helpful and understanding, and they are FAST.

  3. Beautiful!

  4. It was refreshing to hear a more casual view on things. When I have run into mentions of health issues and sex, I am left with the impression that I’m supposed to get medical clearance for everything and/or it’s all just off the table (especially around BDSM/kink). Thankfully, my partner treats me as an adult who can make my own assessment of the risks without the need of a permission slip/note from the doctor.

  5. Probably a little more incredulity than “a lot thicker than average” was warranted. While I don’t have the most solid reference for this, several sites seem to think that the largest record girth of a human penis is 6.25″. Diving that by Pi indicates a circumference of just under 2″. If this guy really has a thickness that’s 50% larger than the record, you should be doing a news story about him.

  6. Watch the Feminist Porn Awards 2014 Aftermovie now!

  7. Hi Tristan…Happy Birthday!

    I receive program notices from Voice America since I’m a former producer of one of their shows. That’s how I got introduced to your work. Gotta say, I’m not only intrigued by your mission but, quite impressed with the list of accomplishments in your field. Wow…you’ve been busy!

    It’s 7:30pmEST here in south Florida, so I’ll attempt to connect to tonights’ show. You and your mom discussing sex…well, that say’s a lot about your relationship. Just not sure exactly ‘what’ it says! haha!

    I do have a question…recently, I saw a website (don’t remember the URL) who’s purpose was, basically, to enhance women’s sexual experiences. It was made by women, for women. Included were videos (audio/visual teaching tool) of women masterbating. It was done in a way to teach women how to, not just pleasure themselves but also, how they might instruct their partners to do the same.

    While I’m still surprised when I hear about women who don’t even know the names of their reproductive organs (let alone how to pleasure themselves), I thought it was a great idea and service for those in need. Then, I thought, “There should be one of these for men. Not how to pleasure themselves but, how to pleasure women. Again, this previously mentioned website targeted females, not males.

    So, my question is, do you provide, or know of any legitimate sites that do a decent job of giving men insights or suggestions to pleasuring women. The key word here is “legitimate”. I’ve seen many sites that say, do this and “she’ll have multiple orgasms”. But their motivation (and resulting instructions) is typically to promote a pill, potion or cream.

    I’m confident my lovers are usually satisified but I’m always interested in how I can enhance their experience (I always think I get more out of giving than they do! Besides, a “concern for my partner” has always been rewarded ten-fold!).

    Gotta go…show’s starting now!

    (561) 866-9044

  8. Great post love that it was a great experiance for all

  9. I heard a reference to the Duke lacrosse case as an example of the less than sterling reputation at Duke vis a vis misogyny. Given that the case was brought on false charges, how is it such an example? I am by no means an expert on the case, just missed this point and am in search of clarification.

    Great interview!

  10. Thanks for this interview! For kinksters of a certain age it resonates even more. I was impacted by her statement: ‘We aren’t anywhere’. Culture shifting is so hard, and there are many interests pushing in the other direction. Anyhow — was inspiring.

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  13. Great story girl! great read! It’s really! You really need to prepare yourself from sexual attempt so that, you victimized by sex maniacs out there..