Feb 142001

For a long time, I have been trying to give it to my wife up the ass. But when I start to put it in her ass, I am only able to get the head part of the way in, then it won’t go much further.

We found an ad in a swinger’s magazine for a guy who said he was a pro at ass fucking. He promised if it hurt her, he would stop. He was a black man with a very large cock, and I was sure that he couldn’t get it in. He started by playing around with her, then they had vaginal intercourse. He slowly worked a finger up her butt. He told her to get on her hands and knees doggie-style, then he worked another finger inside her ass. He pulled his fingers out, then placed the head of his cock against the opening of her butt. I was amazed at how easily he got his dick in her ass. But since then, I have tried, and she just flinches and tightens up. I want to get my dick in my wife’s ass, can you please help?

—Dying to Get It In

Well, the good news is that your wife seems to be physically capable of taking and enjoying a cock up her ass, according to your story about her romp with the swinger. The bad news is that cock wasn’t yours.

Well, I think you can learn a few things from your swinger friend. First, let me applaud him for saying that if it hurt her, he would stop, and I encourage you to give her the same reassurance. It will help her relax and put her mind at ease. He engaged in lots of foreplay before the anal deed, including vaginal penetration and using his fingers to warm up her ass. Both activities probably got your wife aroused, relaxed, and ready for more. Follow his lead, and make sure you use plenty of lube (in both of her holes) when you do. Ask her when she’s ready for your cock, and let her be the one in control of the action from there. Ask her what position she wants to be in, or maybe suggest doggie-style, since that worked for her before. Rub the head of your cock at her opening, tease her with it, and let her prepare herself for the penetration. Have her reach back and guide your cock with her hand. This way, she can control the pace and depth of your entry. She can also come back on your dick from the position. You may need to help her out by pressing firmly, but don’t rush it and definitely don’t just shove your cock in her. With patience, I have hope you are on your way to assfucking delight!

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