May 092001

I like to have objects in my ass while I masturbate, but I don’t have a dildo. What kinds of household objects can I use to simulate a penis?

—Fill My Ass

There is a reason that household objects are household objects; they each have a purpose, and it’s not sexual. I am thrilled that you’ve discovered anal penetration as part of your masturbation ritual, but I really don’t want to encourage you to grab the hairbrush, the shampoo bottle, the cucumber, or anything else lying around. Has it been done? Of course, but I don’t condone it usually.

I really recommend that you buy a dildo. You need something with a flared base for anal penetration; it’s an absolute necessity, so the object doesn’t get sucked into your ass or lost somewhere in your rectum. Sex toys were manufactured with sex in mind, they are designed for penetration, and therefore much more ideal for it than a makeshift dong. There are relatively inexpensive dildos on the market, especially the rubber or jelly variety (silicone dicks are much more expensive). But yourself a $15 or $20 dildo, and I promise it is well worth the investment.

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