Nov 182001

The past few t imes my wife and I have had anal sex, with her doing the receiving anyway, the act itself went smoothly and pleasurably. However, not a minute after she went to sit on the toilet to clean herself up, she would be struck by a brutal headache. My wife does suffer from the occasional non-sex-related migraine, and her post-anal sex headaches are worse by far. I am convinced that the headaches and the anal sex are somehow related. The easiest fix is to just not have anal sex. My interest in doing it is far outweighed by my not wanting her to suffer. I was wondering what an expert thought, but I’ve been to shy to ask a doctor about it.

—Pain in the Ass?

I, too, suffer from migraines, so I empathize with your wife, because if she’s having a headache worse than a migraine, it must be extremely painful and debilitating. At first glance, the problem seems completely unrelated to anal sex; however, it’s too much of a coincidence since it’s happened several times. Stress and tension can often cause a severe headache, so I have a few theories.

First, while you’re fucking her ass, your wife may be in a position that’s putting undue strain on her neck. I know that sometimes I end up in weird positions — especially when I have my ass in the air and my head down –while buttfucking. Afterwards, I often feel pain in my neck, and that pain could lead to a headache. See how her body is positioned the next time you do it, and make sure her head and neck have plenty of support.

My second theory has to do with her breathing patterns during sex. Many people (me included!) often take very shallow breaths when we get aroused on our way to orgasm. It’s a natural instinct, and one that often gives us a brief “high.” Masturbation guru Dr. Betty Dodson scolded me once that if I am not taking deep breaths, then the blood cannot properly circulate throughout my body during sex. Shallow breaths may cause a quick high, but deep breaths ensure that the blood is flowing and the high people often feel during sex will last throughout the act. If your wife is taking quick breaths, or even holding her breath at some points, she could be depriving her brain of oxygen. This repeated deprivation could cause an intense headache, especially if she’s susceptible to headaches in the first place.

Finally, an answer lies in your question. You may feel shy, but it’s a good idea for her to talk to her doctor about the problem. There may be something else going on, and her body is trying to tell her something.

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