Jul 242002

My boyfriend and I have just started having anal sex and I really love it. But recently we went from ass to pussy for the first time and now I’m feeling a lot of discomfort in my pussy. I just read one of your answers to a letter about that and you said that it wasn’t a good idea in case of infection. Now that I’ve already done the mistake is there anything that you recommend in order to soothe the discomfort in my pussy? Any over the counter drugs or natural remedies?

–Did A Boo Boo

By the time you read this letter, I am sure my advice will be a little late; however, I think many women may have similar experiences of accidental ass to pussy penetration, so it’s worth addressing. Going directly from ass to pussy is never a good idea because there is bacteria that lives in your rectum that, when introduced into your pussy, will more often than not cause a problem. It may result in a yeast overgrowth or imbalance, a urinary tract infection, or a vaginal infection like Gardinerella.

Immediately after sex, I would take the following steps. Pee, even if you don’t feel like you have to, in order to flush out any bacteria which may have gotten lodged in your urethra. Drink lots of water to also help flush bacteria and other toxins from the body. Shower and wash your genitals with castile soap in order to clean out what you can. I recommend castile soap rather than anti-bacterial soap or other bath soaps because the latter types can often encourage the growth of bacteria and yeast. You may consider douching, but that’s not a good idea. While douching can rinse the pussy, it can also push some bacteria further back into the vagina, where it can breed. These may lessen the chances of a problem, but I don’t recommend that any woman attempt to self-diagnose a vaginal infection.

To soothe the discomfort, you can purchase external creams or soothing wipes with witch hazel at any drug store. If you exhibit any symptoms, though, including itching, burning, redness, irritation, abnormal discharge, or pain, you should see your gynecologist as soon as possible.

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