Sep 172002

I received a scrape from a clean, but damaged toy along one part of the inside of my anus. I hesitate to say ‘cut’ because the skin is so soft and the toy was not that sharp. It bled quite a bit at first, but quickly stopped. The next morning, I had a bowel movement and when I wiped there was another good amount of blood, but on the second wipe was almost non-existent. Is there anything I should do to help heal this scrape, or do I leave it alone and let it heal on its own?

–Scraped My Behind

Anything that you put in your ass should be clean and smooth, including toys, plugs, vibrators, and fingers. Some of the less expensive rubber toys have nasty seams which, like a jagged nail or torn cuticle, can do more damage than you think. So, throw away that damaged toy which should not have been in your ass in the first place.

Even when we take extra care, because the lining of the rectum is quite delicate, minute tears and scrapes can be common during anal play. Most are so small that they don’t bleed and people don’t experience discomfort from them. You obviously got a more significant scrape from the offending toy. The sight of blood usually scares people, but the first rule is: don’t panic. The ass, like the rest of the body, has a great ability to heal itself. Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, take some vitamins, and your body should be able to do the rest. Obviously, lay off the anal play for about a week so you don’t aggravate the cut. If you find that it does not stop bleeding within 24 hours, the amount of blood increases, or you experience pain, then you should see a doctor at once.

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