Oct 252002

I never thought that I would enjoy anal sex as much as I do. I’ve been married over 15 years and my husband has suggested it a couple of times, and he even rubbed around my butt a few times, but as a “good girl,” I never wanted to go further. That changed on my husband’s 40th birthday. I offered him my butt to do as he wished and I have to admit I really really liked it (even though it was a bit sore the next morning). That was three years ago. Now, I often think that I prefer anal sex (but having both my butt and vagina filled is absolutely the best). Most of our intercourse includes some sort of anal play (I haven’t tried anything really big yet though). This leads to a question: Is it normal to like anal sex as much or better than vaginal sex (yes, I can orgasm both ways)? Thanks for any advice.

–Anal Addict

Welcome to the club! And what a great birthday present you gave your husband! To answer your question simply and directly, there is really no such thing as “normal.” Mainstream culture and media would have us believe that heterosexual cock-in-pussy intercourse is the most common activity and therefore normal, but we all know that is bull. The truth is that we like what we like. Whether it’s the smack of a riding crop on your butt, an enthusiastic toe-sucking, or anal play, if it turns you and your partner on, then go for it! For some women, anal penetration may feel as good as or better than vaginal penetration; lots of people tell me that anal play produces more intense orgasms. Plus, adding clitoral stimulation to backdoor banging or creating an angle for indirect G-spot stimulation can all help increase the pleasure of anal penetration. It sounds like you really enjoy anal sex with your husband (and congrats for being able to come from it); ignore those voices in your head which may be calling you deviant or weird, and just keep doing what you’re doing.

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