Dec 112002

I have been married for almost twenty years. I have never found the courage to ask my wife to buttfuck. She says she hates it! Though she’s never tried it. She does let me sniff her butt, which turns me on so much my heart pounds. Is this a fetish? I haven’t seen anything on the web about butt sniffing or face sitting. Am I sick or just anally amused?

–Mr. Brown Nose

Our sense of smell is as important as all our other senses, and can be a crucial component in our sexual arousal. That’s the reason that people wear perfume or cologne to attract others, and why aromatherapy works, because scents can relax, excite, or entice us. Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals which we can’t actually smell; but our noses detect them, and supposedly send messages to the brain, stimulating the body and creating a subconscious increase in desire. So, the nose is an important sex organ. Certain smells can be a big turn on for some people, and repulsive to others. It sounds like you’ve got a nose for that little nook between your girlfriend’s butt cheeks, and I can assure you that you are not the only one. In fact, there are plenty of web sites devoted to butt sniffing. As for the face sitting fetish, I’ve seen it in lots of adult videos, including the legendary Face Dance Obsession from Evil Angel Video.

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