Jun 302003

My boyfriend frequently plays with my ass and I love it. We enjoy using everything from fingers to plugs to dildos. His only complaint is that my use of poppers is a real turn-off. He hates the smell and doesn’t like its effects on me. He says it creates distance between us rather than closeness. I experience it as greatly enhancing my tenderness and receptivity. It makes me open up and feel very submissive towards him and highly orgasmic. I feel very fortunate to have such a loving and adventurous partner, but I’m upset that he doesn’t understand this aphrodisiac and is unwilling to explore its potential benefits for both of us.

–Misunderstood Huffer

You’re not alone in your love of poppers. Also known as Amyl Nitrate or Butyl Nitrates, poppers are illegal drugs which people often inhale to enhance sexual pleasure. Poppers cause vasodilation, a widening of blood vessels which increases of blood flow. Amyl Nitrate relaxes muscles, which can help make anal penetration easier and enhance orgasm for some people. Lots of gay leatherman are big fans of using poppers as part of their anal play.

However, I agree with your boyfriend. Poppers — and drugs of any kind, for that matter — may cause you to relax and lose inhibition, but they also alter your physical and emotional state which may cause you to disengage from your partner. Poppers are not actually an aphrodisiac, although they may feel like it to you. I’m a fan of drug-free anal play, where both partners can be present, connected, and in touch with their bodies.

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