Aug 052004

I am a heterosexual married man, and I have been occasionally stimulated myself with a finger during masturbation for years. I recently convinced my wife to try a strap on a dildo and fuck me. As I expected, I enjoyed both the physical stimulation and the psychological joy of giving myself up to her as the penetrator. But try as we may, the buttfucking could not get me to orgasm. I have heard that direct prostrate stimulation can cause orgasm and ejaculation. But for me, even though we reached a point where a modest, 5-6″ dildo was all the way in and being generously worked, I could get just at the edge of orgasm but not quite there.

Not that I’m complaining, because the whole encounter was great. If I was at the same point of arousal and pleasure as I was fucking my wife, I couldn’t have held back. But anally, to put it bluntly, I was able to be buttfucked at that same pinacle of near orgasm delight for as long as my wife could go and I could take NOT coming. The whole time it felt like “just a little faster, or harder, or deeper and I’ll come.” It was incredible, but also disappointing. Am I going to have to have my penis stimulated to get an orgasm, or is it a matter of working up to a larger dildo to hit the prostate?

–Waiting to Come

Before I answer your question, thanks for your testimonial about the joys of being buttfucked by your wife; I hope it serves as an inspiration to all your hetero-male bretheren! This is not a problem of size, I can assure you, because the prostate is just a few inches inside the rectum, so something bigger or longer is not going to solve this quandary. First, I want to encourage you to add cock stimulation to the mix since guys like to be stimulated in both places at once; try working your dick as she fucks you and see if the result is different. Second, you may experience a different kind of orgasm from prostate stimulation than you do from having your penis stimulated manually, orally or via penetration. Many men report that they have all the sensations of an orgasm without ejaculation. So, it may be simply a matter of re-orienting your mind around a different expectation of an orgasm. Third, you may still be able to come and shoot from a good assfucking, and in that case, practice makes perfect!

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