Apr 172005

I have recently started dating a girl who, like me, really enjoys anal intercourse. Obviously we are at the start of the relationship and are having multiple encounters that include much anal play and some anal intercourse. We are both well versed in all of the basics of anal play i.e. lube, cleanliness, order of entry etc. If we engage in anal intercourse three or four times a week, should we be concerned about long-term damage to her ass due to such frequency?

–Backdoor Couple

As long as you’re following the general rules for safe and pleasurable anal play — go slow, relax, use plenty of lube, work your way up to intercourse — then you’re not in any danger of causing harm in the short or long term. The majority of people who develop health issues because of anal sex combine drugs and alcohol with their play or push their bodies too far too fast. Make sure your girlfriend listens to her body, and if her ass feels sore or tired, then give it a brief vacation; otherwise, have as much anal play as you like. In fact, anal sex can increase circulation to the anal area as well as tone and exercise the anal sphincter muscles. So, the more good butt sex you have, the healthier your butt can be!

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