Oct 232005

I’m just starting to explore my butt with my partner and we’ve got hung up on the how and where of lube. Obviously, I know I need plenty inside for comfort, but how do I get it there? I mean, does it go on his penis? If so, doesn’t it all just rub off at the anal opening? How does it get where it needs to go?

–Lube Novice

The basic rule of thumb with lube is ‘on’ rather than ‘in.’ So, lube should coat whatever it is that’s going inside you (a finger, a toy, a cock), and you should reapply it as you need more or it dries up. Trying to pour lube into an orifice doesn’t really work very well. Although, you can dribble some lube at the anal opening, and “push” it inside with the tip of a finger, dildo, etc.

If you feel like you’re still not getting enough lube where you need it to be, I suggest a few tools. The Lube Shooter is a disposable hard plastic syringe with a flared base that you fill with your desired lube (a process that can be a little messy). Insert the body of the syringe in the ass, push the plunger, and voila, lube right where you want it! Also disposable and easy to use, the Astroglide Gel Shooter is a prefilled flexible rubber tube of lube with a long neck that can be inserted into the anal canal (after removing the tip, of course). Squeeze the tube, and lube goes into the ass. You can also fill up a plastic irrigation syringe (found at drugstores) or a stainless steel enema syringe (available at specialty stores) for the same purpose.

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