May 012006

We saw you on Real Sex #25 and you were wonderful! Such a turn on!! We have a question and we hope you can help. What is that purple glowing globe-like thing that all the girls are playing with and where do we get one? When you were dancing on stage, there was a kind of rap song playing…the lyrics were something like “I’m Feeling Horny?” That song was SOOO cool. We have been trying like forever to find the name of that song and who sings it. Do you know who does?

The toy we were playing with is called a Violet Wand, and it’s actually an electricity toy, not a vibrator like some people think. You can buy the Violet Wand at better BDSM/leather/fetish stores like Purple Passion, and I definitely recommend you look at this site and read the book Juice: Electricity for Pleasure and Pain by Uncle Abdul before you do. As for the song, next time the show airs, press pause, the music is listed in the credits.

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