Feb 152008

Vivid-Ed Signs Penny Flame To Directing Deal
‘Expert Guide To Hand Jobs’ DVD due out later this year

Feb 15, 2008

LOS ANGELES – AVN award-winning performer Penny Flame is directing her own line of sex education videos for Vivid-Ed, the Vivid Entertainment imprint headed by Chemistry director Tristan Taormino.

“Once Vivid-Ed got off the ground, I wanted to expand the imprint by bringing other directors on board, especially women,” said Taormino. “I first shot Penny in Chemistry 4 and immediately was impressed by her honesty, enthusiasm and talent.”

Taormino co-wrote and produced the performer’s first title for the line, Penny Flame’s Expert Guide to Hand Jobs for Men and Women. She claims the video’s concept was inspired by Penny’s impressive manual dexterity in a scene from Chemistry 4.

“[T]he idea for Penny’s first title came from a very organic place,” said Taormino. “She has amazing skills with her hands.”

“When people think of hand jobs, they usually only think of men,” said Penny. “But my guide is all about how to bring pleasure to both men and women with your hands.”

Penny Flame entered the adult industry in 2001, while attending San Diego State University. She has gone on to win four AVN Awards, including this year’s Best Actress and Best Couples Sex Scene trophies for her work in Vivid’s Layout.

“Vivid has always been my favorite company to work for, and to be able to direct for their new educational imprint is the highest honor,” said Penny. “I’m most excited that I’ll be making educational guides. I want to help people have honest conversations about their desires and be able to connect and really experience each other as never before.”

Lofty goals, to be sure. But with Taormino backing her, Penny believes she can change the world one hand job at a time.

“Porn is porn, but it takes a special kind of movie to help the world have great sex,” said Penny. “Under the wings of Tristan, I’m going to try my best to help the world have mind-blowing, leg-shaking, and toe- curling sex.”

Taormino is equally excited about the collaborative effort. “Penny is smart, articulate, sassy, and has a loyal fan base. She’s real and people can relate to her which makes her perfect for Vivid-Ed,” she said. “We’re so lucky to have her!”

Penny Flame’s Expert Guide To Hand Jobs For Men And Women is due out later this year.

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