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I have had anal sex with many women. I always make sure my partner is relaxed, use my tongue and fingers, use lube, etc. I have turned many women who hated even the thought of anal sex into women who really enjoy it. If they don’t already know, I also make sure to educate them about how to clean the their asses. Here is the problem: it has been quite some time since I have had anal sex with a woman without it getting messy. It’s not that bad, and I always make sure the woman knows that it is okay — but I wouldn’t mind some cleaner encounters. I have an average size penis but above average stamina. I don’t know if either has anything to do with what has been going on, but I include it for completeness. Can you help me?

–Good Clean Fun

Well it sounds like you’ve been a model anal sex partner, and you deserve some good clean fun. Your cock size and stamina have nothing to do with your messy encounters. You did not specify what you tell your partners about cleaning their butts, and your advice in this area may be the problem. If someone buys a plastic bottle enema (like a Fleet brand enema), she should empty the contents of the bottle and rinse it thoroughly. Then she should fill it with plain warm water. A common mistake people make is to use this kind of enema right out of the box, but the bottle contains a laxative, and most people do not need a laxative. The bottle enema is like a douche and will clean the anal canal and lower rectum; for a deeper clean, she should opt for an enema bag, also with plain warm water only. Whichever she chooses, she should do her enema at least two hours before your anal sex date. This will give her body time to recover and to make sure that everything that was loosened up has flushed out of her butt.

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  1. Fleet makes a cleansing enema that doesn’t contain a laxative.

  2. My partner and I also seem more likely to have messy encounters if we try butt play in the mornings, when most of us naturally ‘go.’

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