May 042012

My girlfriend and I really like anal sex. We do not use condoms out of personal preference and we use KY Jelly for lube. I usually come in her ass, and it always used to be fine. She would get “the runs” for a day, maybe two, but would be fine after that. It worked perfectly for two years, but recently it’s taking longer before she’s back to normal again. Plus, the outer part of her ass becomes sore afterwards. Is there anything we can do?

–Runny in Reseda

When it comes to your ass, what goes in must come out. When you introduce lubrication (which is a must) into her butt, only some of it will be absorbed by the tissue of the rectum. The rest of the lube is likely to mix with her stool; add your ejaculate to the mix, and the next bowel movement she has will be loose or runny. KY Jelly, like many water-based lubes, contains glycerin, which may be exacerbating the situation. Glycerin can draw water into the stool to stimulate evacuation (that’s why some constipation suppositories contain glycerin).

So, you may want to experiment with a glycerin-free lube like Maximus Lube, which is water-based, or any silicone-based lube. If her anus is irritated after anal sex, I suspect it’s because of the diarrhea she’s having; I recommend witch hazel wipes, which you can buy at any drugstore (they are marketed as Hemorrhoidal Wipes, but they’re not just for hemorrhoids), and some Vitamin A & D ointment — both soothe a sore ass.

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  1. I love glycerin soaps, really moisturizing!

  2. Definitely consider an alternate lubricant, and I’ll second the Maximus suggestion. KY and similar drugstore lubes require you to use quite a lot. Thicker lubes, designed for anal play, will make a difference. Avoid glycerine-based water lubes, they tend to promote a feeling of “needing to go…NOW”.

    If you’re still having issues, consider a quick flush with an enema – nothing too aggressive. Just enough to wash out any remaining lube afterwards. Enjoy!

  3. Also suggest trying an alternative lube; it’s possible to develop a mild inflammatory reaction to some component of the lube you’re using now. Current lover likes Liquid Silk, which I would have thought was too thin for anal play. She swears by it, and she’s the one “taking” so I don’t argue.

    Also, sorry to say but it is possible to develop a sort of intestinal inflammatory response to some component of semen. You might try just pulling out and leaving the cum on her ass (or breasts or face – whatever she likes) instead of in it, and see if she “returns to normal” faster.

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