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I have a shower-shot system hooked up in my shower to give myself enemas, and I like it a lot. I have even bought some different nozzles for it, which are cool. My question is this: have you ever seen any vibrating butt-plug nozzles or attachments for the shower shot? I think it might be fun to add some vibration to the experience but I am having trouble finding something.

–Wanna Make My Shower Shake

I’m a toy whore and love to find all the latest cool, kinky gadgets out there. I’ve seen (and I own) several different butt plug attachments designed especially for the Shur Shot shower enema, but never one that vibrates. In the past few years, there have been advancements in sex toy technology and today there is a wide selection of waterproof vibrators on the market. None of those vibrators, however, have water traveling through them like an enema nozzle does. I’m not saying it can’t be done, just that it hasn’t yet been invented (to my knowledge).

Until that day comes, my suggestion for now is to get an enema nozzle made of aluminum (or, even better, silicone) and a waterproof vibrator. Hold the vibrator against the base of the nozzle while it is in your ass. Since aluminum and silicone conduct vibration throughout the toy, it should feel great. Another option is to forgo the shower system and invest in what’s called a “Feel The Flow” spray nozzle for an enema bag system. It’s a hard-to-find nozzle made of resin (hard plastic) that has three water jets that spray backwards at a 45 degree angle making a unique tingling sensation that probably feels a lot like vibration.

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  1. Just wanted to add that stainless steel nozzles have an extra bonus. They squash odor. You may find stainless “bars” that chefs keep near the sink. By rubbing these bars over their hands with or without soap they remove onion and garlic, and other stubborn smells instantly. There’s are product on the market for vaginal use (I won’t link since I don’t know how you feel about referring links). Used in the shower or on the commode (I find that icky, lol) they freshen up the vagina. Nothing but water is suggested or sold with the kit.

    Hopefully women know that douching isn’t necessary since our natural discharge makes for a self cleaning process. But after sex, or the tail end of a period there may be a stronger normal odor. Using this stainless nozzle solves this simply, safely, and quickly.

    I have used this anally, and it worked beautifully. Each person has preferences to flow, angle, and material so as always YMMV.

    Wet Wishes,

    MaDOM Aura Storm

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