Oct 112012

E! Entertainment is producing a one-hour special about the real stories behind the “50 Shades of Grey” phenomenon.  They are profiling people who live the BDSM lifestyle, from engineers to housewives and shedding light on what has been largely an underground culture.  Among others, they are looking for stories about:  A) Someone who is going to “come out” to family or friend or workplace and willing to let us shoot that moment.  B)  Someone who has decided to enter the BDSM relationship (not just dabble) for the FIRST TIME.  C)  A story about a break up (not horror story) – we’ve been told that a breakup from a BDSM relationship is more emotionally intense in some ways because of the deep level of intimacy.  D)  A story about a male submissive.

They are looking for people who can speak very articulately and thoughtfully about their lifestyle and experiences.  They may be able to offer anonymity for anyone (except the “coming out” story).  If you or anyone you know may be interested, please contact Producer, Kyung Yu via email at KSunYu@comcastnets.com. [EDIT: e-mail address had a typo, it’s now been corrected.]


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  1. I sincerely hope this proves an enlightening venture. Thank you for providing informative entertainment. With misguided tripe, like “50 Shades of Gray”, muddling the lifestyle it is good to hear well-developed and reliable information concerning the kinkier side of relationships.

  2. The email address for Kyung Yu doesn’t work. :-(

  3. Jeph – thanks for catching that! Looks like it had one too many S’s. Here is the correct one:

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