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Internationally celebrated filmmaker Candida Royalle® continues to support the work of up-and-coming female directors with the release of ‘Female Fantasies’, the second Petra Joy feature to be distributed in the United States and Canada by Royalle’s Femme Productions®. Says Royalle, “We received such enthusiastic response to “Feeling It…not Faking it!” (the first Petra Joy feature released by Femme Productions), I couldn’t wait to release another one of her movies!”.

“…unique erotic stories that are completely different from typical porn clichés…Impressively artistic.” – EUROPEAN ADULT NEWS.

Winning awards from the Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival – “Most Erotic Film” – and the Toronto Feminist Porn Awards – “Hottest bi scene” – Petra Joy continues her exploration of women’s rich erotic fantasy life with ‘Female Fantasies’, a visually stunning tableau of sensually-shot scenes.
From being pleasured by several lovers at once to getting your just-desserts on the kitchen counter, secretly spying on some tasty eye-candy and a hilarious parody of a car-wash gone triple-X, “My films are based on erotic fantasies that women from all over the world have shared with me”, explains Petra. “I believe in a return to sensuality, and portray sex that is enriched by intimacy, creativity and humor.”

“Petra Joy lives up to her name, creating JOYOUS, uninhibited erotica for women. This film breaks the mold and creates a vision of sexual pleasure for today.” – Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., Filmmaker, Sex Educator and Ecosexologist

Shot with non-professional real-life lovers, ‘Female Fantasies’ captures authentic chemistry and desire. Unlike traditional porn, explains Joy, “there is no list of positions to tick off, so the sensuality can develop slowly, based on the enjoyment and passion of the performers.”

“So, if you’re still wondering, ‘what do women want?’”, suggests Candida Royalle®, “sit back and have a look. “Female Fantasies” brings you a glimpse in to the inner workings of the erotic female mind”.

Petra Joy is an award-winning erotic filmmaker, photographer and writer. She began her career in television as an independent producer of a wide variety of programs from travel shows to documentaries. She is now one of the leading European female erotic film directors creating what she calls “artcore” porn from a female perspective.

Considered the pioneer of woman-friendly erotica for couples, Candida Royalle® launched Femme Productions® in 1984 and produced and/or directed eighteen internationally acclaimed movies. Currently working on her memoirs, she is the author of, “How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do: Sex Advice from a Woman who Knows (Simon&Schuster/Fireside) and co-founder of the Natural Contours® line of groundbreaking intimate massagers. A sought-after speaker featured in countless TV & print media, Royalle is a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT).

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