Jun 052013


This Friday at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET, a new episode of Sex Out Loud is taking on an unexpected topic. Internationally accredited, widely-published investigative reporter Eric Francis Coppolino offers a clear, original analysis of world events through the lens of astrology. He’s been reporting on breaking news stories as an astrologer since 1995 and last year Francis called on astrologers at the United Astrology Conference to start including more sex and relationship education to their work. Tristan will talk to Eric Francis about his work, sex-positive chart readings, polyamory, and more. Be prepared to have your views and assumptions on astrology expanded and challenged!

Eric Francis is the founder of Planet Waves, the sexpositive astrology website, and the author of Book of Blue, an erotic memoir told in photos and essays. He hosts Planet Waves FM, which is webcast at www.PlanetWaves.fm. Tristan appeared as a guest on Planet Waves on May 1, 2013, you can listen to the interview here.

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