Jul 172013

Vicarious, a recently released lesbian, POV-themed porno, is a work of pure genius. Director/performer/babe/superhuman Bobbi Starr manages to capture a raw eroticism unlike anything I have ever seen. This isn’t surprising—lesbian POV’s are rare. However, the genius of this film is not solely based on the uniqueness of the genre. Rather, it is about exactly what Bobbi catches on camera—the doe-eyes, clits, and zoomed-in assholes (to name a few)—that makes Vicarious one of the most noteworthy pornos of 2011.

The film is broken down into nine sex scenes, each featuring Bobbi and a performer. These performers represent a diverse range of female-bodied people. There are butches, femmes, dommes, subs, straight gals, queer folks, completely shaved pussies, and fully-grown bushes. Prior to each scene is a short interview where Bobbi asks the performers about their sex lives, desires, and experiences both in and out of the industry. These interviews are interspersed with beautifully shot images of the stars sensually touching their bodies. Something feels incredibly personable about the interviews. Bobbi and the performers talk like lovers or friends, complete with awkward silences and laughter.

This sense of authenticity (and the laughter) continues into the sex. Actually, there is more genuine laughter in Vicarious than there is in most porn flicks. Humor is always a plus in my book, especially when it is incorporated so effortlessly with orgasms. The laughter in this flick is often sparked by the openness and body curiosity of the performers. They dive (quite literally) into one another, exploring the human body with an energy and passion akin to Christopher Columbus playing doctor. At one point, while filming a close-up of Kimberely Kane’s ass, Bobbi exclaims, “this is like National Geographic. In my opinion, Vicarious is 1000 times hotter because of these moments—and not because I am especially turned on by an-almost medical close-up of an asshole. Rather, it is truthfulness that comes across in these shots that turns me on. It’s unexpected, candid, and honest. In other words, it is voyeurism at it’s finest.

Do not worry if sexy National Geographic is not your style. This film has something for everyone. There are high-heels and Converse, ass-less tighty-whities and corsets, glass butt plugs and giant strap-ons. Plus, there’s always a second camera filming from a distance, thus providing a lovely combination of POV and outside shots. I must say, Bobbi is incredibly talented with a camera. In the final scene Ms. Starr manages to hold the camera in one hand, tilt her head to the side, and film herself eating Aiden Ashley’s pussy. Another amazing shot features Jiz Lee rubbing her buzzed, red Mohawk along Bobbi’s pussy. Who knew a buzz-cut could provide such a buzz? And another features Lexi Bell’s giant eyes looking up from Bobbi’s gaping ass. And another features Rozen Debowe fucking Bobbi with two hands (8 fingers in total). And another features Dylan Ryan lusciously squirting all over a large bed. And another…And another…

I could go on to describe every shot in the three-and-a-half hour film (yup, it’s a long one.) But I recommend you just go out and experience it for yourself. As the tagline reads, Vicarious is “so close you can taste it.” I, for one, am still licking my lips.


Abby Spector is a recent graduate of Wesleyan University, where she majored in Feminist/Gender/Sexuality Studies. She is currently interning for Tristan, a job that allows her to write about sex, research feminist porn, and play with dogs (among other, equally awesome things). When she isn’t working, Abby enjoys comfortable nudity and salty foods. Her dream? A world where she could sit around naked and eat overly-salted french fries. Her blog is Sexy Awkward Times.

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