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My boyfriend and I are fully experiencing the joys of anal exploration and loving it every step of the way. He is convinced that you can cum through your bum. I know that penetration there can for sure lead to a vaginal orgasm, but is he right? If your bum can squirt and get slippery on its own, why would we need lube?

–Bum Bum Cum Cum?

Your boyfriend is correct, many women can experience orgasm through anal penetration, either alone or with clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, or both. There is not necessarily a clear distinction between a vaginal orgasm and a butt orgasm, since when you come, both your pussy and your ass have contractions. However, your ass cannot ejaculate and it is not self-lubricating, so you absolutely need lube to make penetration comfortable.

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  1. I would have said the same Tristan, until I watched Alisha Klass in a Seymore Butts movie. While she didn’t technically squirt from her ass, in the way vaginal G spot squirting works, it did look that way.

    Basically as she was coming while having anal sex, the contractions in her ass made her push out some of the lube already in there. Not nearly as forcefully as vaginal squirting, but still enough to hit Seymore’s pubic hair as they screwed.

    I had never seen that before until then!

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