Sep 112013


The all-female panel of Dutch TV channel Dusk! has chosen Petra Joy’s film ‘A Taste of Joy’ and especially the scene ‘Room Service’ to win the Porna Award 2013.

Petra Joy (born 1964 in Germany) is an award-winning German feminist film director, film producer, TV producer, distributor, author and photographer. She lives in Brighton, England. She is one of the pioneers of the movement to make pornography for women. Her genre is described as “art-core,” meaning the focus is on sexuality from the female perspective, female pleasure, and creative, sensual play.

Petra Joy’s latest erotic film A Taste Of Joy (2012) focuses on female pleasure and celebrates authentic lust with fresh performers turning existing porn stereotypes upside down and shows hot, creative and passionate sex. There is no boring dialogue or pump and grind sex but just beautifully shot sensual images, edited to music.

The Dusk! panel, over 2.000 women, did not have much words for the winner. A brief summary of their reactions; “WAUW”, “True porna, give me some of that room service, which hotel is that???” and “Jammieeee”.

The Dusk! Porna Award competition will start all over again in 2014. And here you will find the first video clip about the happening:

and on our Facebookpage you will find the first pictures:

More will follow on our website:

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