Dec 042012

This Friday, December 7th on Sex Out Loud Radio, I talk with adult film director Nica Noelle for the final installment of my “Live in LA” series of interviews recorded in studio in Los Angeles. Nica will talk about how she first got into the industry and what led her to write and direct her own films. She’ll delve into what makes a great porn movie, which performers she loves to direct, and how she comes up with story lines. She’ll talk about her new studios Hard Candy and Girl Candy, her foray into gay male porn with Rock Candy, and TransRomantic, which features the first line of adult romance movies starring trans women. Tristan will ask her about fan feedback, her own fantasies, and why cheating is such a popular plot point in her movies. Join us for this fascinating look inside the mind of one of the adult industry’s most successful female directors.

Nica Noelle is one of the most prolific writer/directors working in adult films today. She has been credited with innovating a new approach to capturing sex on film and influencing a generation of adult filmmakers and performers. Ms. Noelle has created six successful studios in the last five years, and is currently working on her seventh with her business partner Executive Producer Jerry Anders of

Sep 012011

I was wondering as a graduating senior in American Studies, how I, a semi shy yet very assertive queer boy, could get involved in the gay male porn industry? I am really interested in the production aspect and also wondering what other sides there might be to this industry. I have no knowledge whatsoever but am very curious. I am thinking about moving to New York City next year so I was wondering if any of that happens in New York or is it all in California.

For the most part, people who devote themselves full time to the adult industry live and work in Southern (and less so, Northern) California. That’s where all the work seems to be. I am much more familiar with the straight and lesbian porn scenes, but I will give you a few tips: attend an industry event like a trade show or an awards show and introduce yourself around. Read up on directors, production companies, and their specialties. Get to know the players and the protocols. A good place to start is Gay Video News>