Mar 012010

While browsing your photos, I noticed that you have pierced nipples. I am seriously considering having mine pierced, but know very few women who have had the procedure done, and even fewer who are open enough about their bodies and their sexuality to even discuss the topic of nipple piercing. Is it true that your nipples stay permanently erect once they’ve been pierced? Is there an increased risk for mastitis and other breast health-related complications? I’ve never been an ardent fan of nipple play. Do you think having my nipples pierced could increase my interest level? Do you enjoy your nipple piercings, and how long have you had them?

I only have one of my nipplesthe right onepierced, and it was pierced by the world-famous body modification artist from the San Francisco Bay Area Raelyn Gallina in Hartford, CT in 1992 on my birthday. It was a gift from a friend of mine! No, it is not true that pierced nipples stay hard all the time, my pierced nipple behaves just like my other nipple in that department. There hasn’t been a lot of research on the subject, but as far as I know, piercing does not increase your risk of developing cancer or other breast ailments. I, too, am not a big fan of nipple play, and piercing my nipple didn’t really change that, but everyone is different, so I can’t predict what might happen for you. I will say that I enjoy having only one nipple pierced. The pierced one is very, very sensitive, and the lightest amount of tweaking is pretty intense, whereas, the unpierced one can take lots of pinching and twisting and rougher play. I enjoy being able to experience sensations on both ends of the spectrum!

Sep 222004

I have discussed with my wife the possibility of having anal sex. After a little discussion, she said she would try it. We agreed that if it hurt her too much, I would stop. My problem is I have my penis pierced with an ampallang piercing; that’s a horizontal piercing through the head of my penis. I would probably get stuck in her if I did not pull out before ejaculation, and then I’d lose my erection. Any suggestions?

–Pierced in Pennsylvania

Your question raises many more questions. How old is your ampallang piercing? Most piercers recommend an initial healing time of 8-10 weeks, and say it will be fully healed at 6-12 months. In the first couple weeks, erection or orgasm can cause the piercing to bleed. If yours is fully healed, my next question is, how big is the jewelry? You make it sound huge by saying you’re going to get stuck, and, if it is in fact bigger than about 10 gauge, that would be cause for concern. I have not heard of people with average-sized ampallang piercings getting stuck.

Although I do think you should be concerned that your piercing may tear the delicate tissue that lines the rectum or cause your partner pain. I recommend you wear a condom to prevent possible injury or discomfort. Again, all penis piercings with average-sized jewelry should not interfere with the safe use of condoms. Use a condom with a receptacle end to fit comfortably over the jewelry, and lubricate the inside of the condom as well as the jewelry itself to reduce friction.