Mar 152013


Queerie Bradshaw wrote a great piece for Vice called “Lascivious: For the Love of Porn.”

By definition, queer, feminist pornography is the work of activists. Anything that portrays something this far beyond the mainstream has no choice but to be activism. Hairy pussies, big butch women, men with vaginas, women with penises, fat rolls, strap ons, gender play, and all the things that other people fetishize are portrayed in a real way: portrayed by us for us.
We are these people. We are fat, hairy and really fucking gay. We are not a fetish.
I am not a fetish.
Queer, feminist pornography teaches me that my body and the bodies of the people with whom I have sex are more than just something to gawk at. We are sexy as fuck and we are sexy while fucking. That’s the exact opposite of what I’m told by mainstream media.