Aug 242011

When I first conceptualized The Expert Guide to Advanced Anal Sex, I wanted it to be truly advanced and reflect the content of the Advanced Anal Sex workshop that I teach. So I believed it should include two important components: anal pleasure with both men and women as receivers and anal fisting. I knew both could be controversial. Men receiving anal penetration usually shows up in pegging-specific porn, so it might surprise some viewers. And fisting…well, fisting opens up a pandora’s box when it comes to mainstream porn.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about fisting and porn, so I want to cover some basics before I delve into the specifics. Both vaginal fisting and anal fisting can be seen in GLBT, queer, kinky, and indie porn, which is mostly produced by independent directors and distributed by small companies. Mainstream porn companies rarely shoot vaginal or anal fisting. This censorship is self-imposed and comes straight from adult industry lawyers. Basically, fisting is on a list of consensual activities we (those of us who work for mainstream companies) can’t shoot along with piss play, enema play, and certain types of BDSM. Why don’t we shoot them?

The lawyers are trying to prevent companies from being indicted and successfully prosecuted for obscenity. Obscenity, as it is (nebulously) defined in the law is a huge topic, so let me point you to some readings on it. John Stagliano successfully fought his obscenity prosecution and won in 2010, but it cost him a ton of money and time and was dismissed based on a lot of legal technicalities rather than a ruling that the content was not obscene. Max Hardcore went to jail for obscenity in 2009 (his videos showed fisting, peeing, and vomiting). In 2002, Seymore Butts was successfully prosecuted for depictions of vaginal and anal fisting in a scene between Alisha Klass and Chloe in the movie Tampa Tushy Fest Part 1 (background here: (PBS/Frontline  and Violet Blue’s Tiny Nibbles). To be clear, fisting is not specified as obscene under the law. However, it did appear in a memo in the 80s from an LA D.A. as something that could trigger obscenity charges. While Seymore’s prosecution wasn’t entirely successful for the District Attorney (it ended with a plea bargain which favored Seymore), Max Harcore’s was, and both just reinforce the fears among the industry’s big companies that fisting is a potential danger zone.

So fisting is on a list of no-no’s. Ironically, some of the same companies that won’t shoot fisting do shoot things like: double vaginal penetration (two dicks in one vagina simultaneously), double anal penetration (two dicks in one ass simultaneously), and giant toys bigger than a person’s fist. But five fingers and the entire hand? Nope.

It’s arbitrary. It’s bizarre. It censors what I consider to be a radical, queer, and kinky activity. A sex act that doesn’t require a penis and is not intercourse-based (like the aforementioned double penetrations). One that can be done by folks of all genders and sexual orientations. One that has its roots in gay and lesbian sexuality. One that people practice and enjoy, and I happen to really love.

But I knew fisting was off the table because I work for Vivid Entertainment, a large mainstream company that is an easy target for the government.

When I shot the movie, I decided to shoot some additional footage. After we shot the “workshop” portion of the movie (where I give viewers a lesson on anatomy, hygiene, lube, toys, techniques, etc.), I shot a little bit of me talking about anal fisting. Then, when I shot the scene with Kylie Ireland and James Deen, I decided I would shoot a little extra. It seemed perfect. I mean, Kylie loves anal fisting. She does it in her personal life, she has orgasms from it, and she speaks articulately and enthusiastically about it on camera. During the scene, they got to five-fingers-but-not-quite-fisting. Black Dragon nitrile gloves and the Hitachi Magic Wand came along for the ride. A good time was had by all! I didn’t shoot the whole hand-chilada, because I, too, could be at risk of prosecution.

Here’s the deal: I’m burning 25 DVDs of my educational mini-feature on anal fisting. The first 25 people to order The Expert Guide to Advanced Anal Sex on my site will receive this Limited Edition DVD, hand signed and numbered by me. I know some folks might still be disappointed not to see anal fisting, but I hope my fans will appreciate that I’m still getting the information out there. So, order early, and it can be yours!

Part 2 of this blog, with more specifics about Kylie and James’ scene for the movie, coming later today.