Feb 162000

I have some interest in enemas and want to know about using coffee or beer in an enema. Do porn stars have an enema before an anal scene? Do they eat a special diet to keep from getting gassy?

–L.C. Jr.

Enemas are a great way to cleanse your anal canal and rectum, and many people like to have an enema before anal penetration to make sure their butts are squeaky clean. When giving yourself an enema, you should always, always use plain warm water. You should never add coffee, beer, wine, or any other additives to an enema — this will make you very sick very quickly. Anything you put in your rectum will be directly absorbed into your bloodstream, just like if you shot it into your veins with a hypodermic needle. Plain water is all you need to flush yourself out.

In general, porn stars do give themselves enemas before anal sex scenes, although not right before a scene. It’s a good idea to give yourself an enema several hours before you plan on having anal sex in order to give your body a chance to recover and relax. Some porn stars I know actually clean out the night before and report that it’s the best way to ensure that their bowels have returned to normal and there won’t be any unexpected mess.

As for their diets, well, it depends. Some people find that before a round of heavy anal play, they like to eat mild foods which are easy to digest and won’t upset their gastrointestinal tract. Many of the gay male anal fisters I know recommend avoiding foods with seeds like strawberries. I’d say that avoiding the five alarm chili is a great idea!

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