May 222000

My boyfriend seems to like my finger up his butt when I suck his cock. I’d like to finger him, and maybe fuck him with my fingers. I am worried, however, that I might hurt or scratch him because I have nice long fingernails, and I hate to cut them. Any advice?


Congratulations on finding your man’s ass! And kudos to him for not freaking out when you reach back there during a blow job! So much pleasure awaits both of you, but you’re smart to be concerned about your nails. The tissue of the anus and rectum is very delicate and requires gentle handling. Don’t despair — you can keep your talons and still give him a good ass fucking.

First, you need to invest in some disposable latex gloves; you can get them at drug stores and sex toy stores. They come in different sizes, and make sure you get the correct size with a good fit; you’ll have better sensitivity so you can feel what you’re doing and he won’t feel a wrinkled baggy glove inside his ass. If you are allergic or sensitive to latex, you should get vinyl gloves; they are harder to find and a little more expensive.

Many women with long nails like to stuff cotton balls in the fingertips of the gloves in order to protect their manicure and their partner’s delicate asshole. Others wrap their nails in gauze before slipping on a glove. One woman recently told me she’s found a finger bandage which she puts on underneath a latex glove. Whichever option you choose, make sure you use plenty of lube on your glove.

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