Jan 162014

A few months ago I was watching a cable station late at night and they had a segment on porn stars. In this program, they dealt with one girl’s preparations for filming. She discussed her tattoos, piercings, and laser removal of her pubic hair. She had her hair touched up, nails done, legs waxed, and did a stretch in the tanning bed. While she was having her makeup applied, she mentioned that she had her rectum bleached. I had never heard of that.

One night while preparing for anal sex, I noticed a dark discoloration around my anus. I told my husband about the show I watched and explained how this performer had her rectum bleached. He told me that I was crazy. Was I? Is there something out there that can bleach this discoloration away? If so, I would like to know more about it. Can this be done at home? What products can be used and where can I buy them?  I have a lot of adult movies and I have noticed that most of the female actors look like they may have bleached their butts.

–Want a White Eye

You were not imagining things, there are products on the market to bleach the skin, and a few are marketed specifically as anal bleaching creams. I’ll bet you saw the segment on Dr. 90210 on E! where adult film star Tabitha Stevens went to Pink Cheeks salon in Southern California and had her asshole bleached. The salon sells its own cream, Pink Cheeks Amazing Anal Bleaching Cream (and you can order it over the phone, 818-906-8225). According to its label, the cream’s active ingredient is 4% hydroquinone, a substance used to lighten dark skin. It comes with instructions that recommend you have your anus waxed prior to application, and that you use it every night until you achieve the shade you want (which typically is in a week or two). There is a less expensive alternative, simply called Anal Bleaching Cream.

These products have not exactly registered on the Food and Drug Administration’s radar, so the safety of them has not been researched. The fact is everyone’s skin around their anus is a darker shade than their regular skin tone; in other words, it’s natural and I’m inclined not to fuck with it. Plus, your perception that “most of the female actors look like they may have bleached their butts” is not accurate; some have, but the majority of brown eyes you see on screen are as nature made them.

Nov 272012

My wife and I are new to anal sex, but we’ve run into something I hope you can help us with. I’ve noticed that the normal hair around her anus can be kind of rough, as pubic hair can be, and this hair might be causing her some irritation. But we’re not sure if it’s a good idea to shave it off as that might make things worse or cause even more irritation. Any advice for us newbies?

–New and Hairy

Most people who shave their assholes do so for aesthetic reasons: they like a clean shaven asshole better than a furry one. However, the anus is a delicate little bugger, and can be irritated easily by many things, including cheap toilet paper, over wiping, and soaps and lotions. I suppose that some coarse hair could rub that puckered skin the wrong way and lead to some itching and discomfort as well, although I’ll admit it’s not a complaint I hear often.

You’re wise to be concerned about exacerbating the problem, since shaving can also be irritating to the area. I recommend you give it a try, though. Use a fragrance-free and chemical-free shaving cream that’s made especially for sensitive skin. Shave with the grain of the hair and don’t go over the same area too many times. Run cool water over the area after you’re done. If it feels irritated after you’ve patted it dry, apply a little Vitamin A & D ointment. Give it a chance to breathe and relax before you start to play with it. After you play with it, make sure she showers, washes with a mild soap like Castille Soap and reapplies the Vitamin A & D ointment.

Sep 012009

I have read an article in which you wrote about how various women prefer to trim their pubic hair, and I have the same burning question to ask you about how I deal with mine? I have friends that enjoy that neatly trimmed look, as do I, but I never seem to be able to achieve that look! I have tried shaving completely, and while enjoyable, it’s not what I want for an everyday look. I am partly scared of waxing. I have looked everywhere for instructions on how to properly trim (not shave or wax), by but I can’t seem to find any. Do you have any suggestions or perhaps know of anywhere where I could learn?

I always wished there was a school or a class or a workshop for pussy grooming—I’m serious! But alas, there isn’t. I think that the best way to achieve your desired “look” is to experiment and practice, practice, practice. You may want to get a bunch of porn magazines, and pick out pussy haircuts you like and try to copy them. My boy recently gave me a cordless beard trimmer as a gift, so lately, I have been trimming first, then shaving with a razor. I know lots of people who use beard/facial hair trimmers or clippers for everyday because it’s faster and there’s less risk of cutting yourself! On the newer ones you can adjust the blades for your particular desired length. Waxing can be scary; I find it way too painful, and my pussy is red and puffy and angry right afterwards. Yikes!

Mar 132004

I recently got very into anal sex. Before it just never worked, but now I’m with a guy who knows what he’s doing, and it’s great. I have two questions. I recently shaved my butthole for the first time, and it got a bit itchy. What kind of lotion to you recommend to help it from being too itchy? Second, my guy was interested in buying that new KY Warming Liquid, but I heard it’s bad for anal. Have you used it? What do you think? Does it burn or is it safe?

–Shaved and Ready

Welcome to the world of anal sex lovers! Your tale proves that with a patient, skilled lover, even people who’ve had negative anal experiences in the past can enjoy it. I’m so glad you found someone who could do you like you deserve to be done! As for your shaved-butt-itchy ass, I recommend you use products with no fragrance, dye, or a long lists of other chemical ingredients since all of them will serve to further aggravate your hairless hole. A little bit of witch hazel should calm the irritated skin, followed by baby oil, petroleum jelly, or a very gentle moisturizer for sensitive skin.

As for your query about KY Warming Liquid, here’s the scoop: this is a new lubricant produced by a well-respected name when it comes to slippery stuff. KY Warming Liquid is water-based and the packaging claims it “creates a gentle warming sensation on contact.” Off all the reviews I’ve heard, none has been very great; people describe the effect as either too subtle or intense burning, neither of which sound very good to me. The product contains honey and chemicals to create the warming sensation, which can irritate the sensitive tissue of both the front and back doors. If you like the KY brand, then I recommend you try KY UltraGel; otherwise, water-based thick lubes like Astroglide Gel, Maximus, or I-D work great.

Jan 062002

Is there any way of making my anus more pink or lighter in color? Mine is dark and I hate it—any suggestions?

—Brown Eyed Susan

Believe it or not, your question is a common one. Several people have written to me asking me about skin bleaching in the anal area. First, let me assure you that the way your ass looks now is perfectly normal; in most people, the puckered flesh of the anus is naturally a few shades darker—or a slightly different color—than the rest of their skin. For some people, the contrast is more extreme than others. Remember that everyone’s ass is as unique as a fingerprint.

Is it possible to lighten the skin of the anal opening? Skin bleaching products are used to suppress pigmentation in order to lighten the skin; the most common products contain either hydroquinone, kojic acid or mandelic acid and are available by prescription only; those sold without a prescription tend to be weaker or less effective. Recent studies have shown that azelaic acid, bearberry extract, and licorice extract may also have lightening agents. However, most of these products are not used on genital skin, since it is much more sensitive than other skin. Consult a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon about your options, and never attempt to use over-the-counter products on yourself.

As for making it more pink, well that’s a little trickier. The pinkest holes I’ve ever seen are those that have been stroked, licked, and/or fucked til they couldn’t help but blush with contentment (lots of blood rushing to the area helps, too). I support people modifying their bodies in whatever ways they wish in order to feel better about themselves, and so I offer you the information you requested; however, I would also like you to consider why you “hate” your ass so much, and what might be at the root of that particular body issue for you. Coming to terms with your negative feelings about your butt and learning to accept and love your body as it is will be a lot less expensive, less painful and, in the end, seems like the “rosier” option.

Jul 132001

This is in response to Bryan’s question about hair removal in the anal area. I have had two sessions of laser treatment on my asshole and can say that laser treatment does work. There are some drawbacks, however. Laser treatment can be expensive (about $150 per session) and it takes several (3 or more) sessions to remove most of the hair. Also, if the hair is light-colored, laser treatment is probably not going to have much effect, and you’ll just be wasting your money.

As to the question of pain, there really isn’t that much. It feels like a pin prick. A little ice on the area right before the treatment goes a long way. I would suggest going into your local laser treatment clinic for a consultation. I found out that hair removal on the asshole is fairly common for these folks, and they don’t have any problem doing the procedure.

—Smooth Ass

Thanks for writing in response to one of my previous columns, where Brian asked about hair removal for the butthole. I just love it when readers give each other helpful tips and techniques, so thanks for sharing your experience! For those of you considering the different methods for achieving your own smooth ass, remember that there are several types besides laser treatment. Shaving and waxing are also options, and much less expensive, although not permanent. Plus, shaving can be an erotic scene in addition to fulfilling the practical matter of making one’s little pucker hole hairless. I personally love to shave my ass, and find it very sexy when I let someone else take a sharp razor to my tender hole — it totally turns me on! Whichever method you choose, be careful, use common sense, and enjoy that smooth opening with abandon!

May 222000

My boyfriend seems to like my finger up his butt when I suck his cock. I’d like to finger him, and maybe fuck him with my fingers. I am worried, however, that I might hurt or scratch him because I have nice long fingernails, and I hate to cut them. Any advice?


Congratulations on finding your man’s ass! And kudos to him for not freaking out when you reach back there during a blow job! So much pleasure awaits both of you, but you’re smart to be concerned about your nails. The tissue of the anus and rectum is very delicate and requires gentle handling. Don’t despair — you can keep your talons and still give him a good ass fucking.

First, you need to invest in some disposable latex gloves; you can get them at drug stores and sex toy stores. They come in different sizes, and make sure you get the correct size with a good fit; you’ll have better sensitivity so you can feel what you’re doing and he won’t feel a wrinkled baggy glove inside his ass. If you are allergic or sensitive to latex, you should get vinyl gloves; they are harder to find and a little more expensive.

Many women with long nails like to stuff cotton balls in the fingertips of the gloves in order to protect their manicure and their partner’s delicate asshole. Others wrap their nails in gauze before slipping on a glove. One woman recently told me she’s found a finger bandage which she puts on underneath a latex glove. Whichever option you choose, make sure you use plenty of lube on your glove.

May 162000

Have you ever known of anyone using laser hair removal on their butt? Would it be safe and effective? How else might one make the area hairless?

–Bryan, New York, NY

Every single person has some hair around their anus; it can be fine and downy or coarse and thick — it totally depends on the person. Likewise, some people are into a hairless hole, while others believe the hairier the better. If you want to get rid of the hair back there, use the same methods you would to remove hair from the pussy — shaving with razors or clippers and waxing are non-permanent ways, which need to be repeated because the hair does grow back. Skip creams like Nair that promise to “remove hair”; they shouldn’t be used in the genital area. The only permanent hair removal method is electrolysis, or laser hair removal, which you inquired about.

Guidelines for shaving the anal area are very similar to shaving a woman’s pussy or a man’s balls and pubic area. You should use a regular disposable razor — leave the wielding of straight razors to the professionals — and plenty of non-irritating shaving cream (I find Aveeno Shaving Gel with oatmeal to be ideal). Of course, when shaving yourself or another person, you should do it in a clean well-lit place, go slow, and be careful. If you’re shaving your own ass, you should use a hand-held mirror so you can see exactly what you’re doing. It’s probably a good idea not to shave the anal area right before you’re planning to have sex; since you have a greater chance of having nicks or cuts, be extra careful and definitely practice safer sex. Oh, and one more thing: when the hair grows back, it will itch, so use a soothing lotion.

Besides its practical use, many people find that the shaving of the genital area of their partners and/or themselves can be very erotic. I happen to love to shave my ass. I shave my ass in addition to shaving my pussy (don’t worry, making my first adult movie did not give me porno pussy or anything, I shaved long before that). I am proud to say that I can shave my ass with a brand new razor — without a mirror. I am so familiar with every millimeter of my ass that I can just feel my way around all the puckered flesh and tiny, sensitive folds. I love the way my ass (and my pussy for that matter) feels when it’s been freshly shaved — smooth and soft and new. I love the danger of doing it, and the results of a job well done. I love the thought of someone pulling down my panties, bending me over, and thinking, what a nicely shaved asshole she has. And since my lover is such a fag when it comes to grooming, I know she notices and appreciates it. Of course, I am an anal expert and wouldn’t dare recommend that you or any one else try it without a mirror!

Waxing your ass is a lot messier and definitely more painful. While I know some folks who do their own waxing at home, I say leave it to the professionals. Unless you’ve experienced another part of your body being waxed, I would not recommend that your first waxing experience be with your ass. All I can say is “Ouch!”

I tried to track down someone who’d actually had electrolysis on their asshole, and had no luck. I did speak with some folks at a local laser hair removal center. Electrolysis on the anal area is possible and can been done safely and effectively. There is a certain amount of pain with any electrolysis (some people describe it as a slight needle prick or a quick burning sensation), and I think that because your anal area is sensitive to begin with, there’s probably more pain than, say, your legs. Electrolysis is permanent, although only after several (about 4-5) treatments, and it is expensive. It’s an investment in time and money, and, if I were you, I would definitely do some research into a good dermatologist or cosmetologist to do the procedure.