Sep 012009

I have read an article in which you wrote about how various women prefer to trim their pubic hair, and I have the same burning question to ask you about how I deal with mine? I have friends that enjoy that neatly trimmed look, as do I, but I never seem to be able to achieve that look! I have tried shaving completely, and while enjoyable, it’s not what I want for an everyday look. I am partly scared of waxing. I have looked everywhere for instructions on how to properly trim (not shave or wax), by but I can’t seem to find any. Do you have any suggestions or perhaps know of anywhere where I could learn?

I always wished there was a school or a class or a workshop for pussy grooming—I’m serious! But alas, there isn’t. I think that the best way to achieve your desired “look” is to experiment and practice, practice, practice. You may want to get a bunch of porn magazines, and pick out pussy haircuts you like and try to copy them. My boy recently gave me a cordless beard trimmer as a gift, so lately, I have been trimming first, then shaving with a razor. I know lots of people who use beard/facial hair trimmers or clippers for everyday because it’s faster and there’s less risk of cutting yourself! On the newer ones you can adjust the blades for your particular desired length. Waxing can be scary; I find it way too painful, and my pussy is red and puffy and angry right afterwards. Yikes!

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