Feb 102009

I wanted to compliment your tattoo in your thigh. Did you design that yourself? I think it is almost as beautiful as you are. Was the work done in NYC? Are you a Scorpio? What is its significance?

Thanks so much! My tattoo design was a collaboration between me and the tattoo artist, who also incidentally did my tribal arm band as well. Her name is Squid, and she is perhaps best known as the bass player for the rockin’ band The Lunachicks. I’m not sure Squid is still tattooing, however, she used to work out of a place in Brooklyn called Fly Rite Tattoo, and the folks there were awesome. I am not a Scorpio, I am a Taurus. My father was a Scorpio, and when he died in 1995, I had the tattoo done as a memorial to him.

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