Sep 012008

Now I’ve seen your videos and read your book (bought it for my wife actually), I have a burning, itching question. You call yourself a lesbian yet you play with both sexes. Doesn’t that make you bi? Fact is you’ve had sex with both so that makes you bisexual. Please clarify.

Yours is very common question. While my behavior may appear bisexual, as you say, I don’t really identify with the label “bisexual,” nor does it feel like it accurately describes me. Usually, the most I will cop to is being an equal opportunity lover. I see myself as queer, since queer to me is not just about who I love or lust, but it’s about my culture, my community, and my politics. The truth is, even if I were with a heterosexual guy, I’d be a queer dyke. And trust me, after being with me, he wouldn’t be so straight.

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