Mar 132004

I recently got very into anal sex. Before it just never worked, but now I’m with a guy who knows what he’s doing, and it’s great. I have two questions. I recently shaved my butthole for the first time, and it got a bit itchy. What kind of lotion to you recommend to help it from being too itchy? Second, my guy was interested in buying that new KY Warming Liquid, but I heard it’s bad for anal. Have you used it? What do you think? Does it burn or is it safe?

–Shaved and Ready

Welcome to the world of anal sex lovers! Your tale proves that with a patient, skilled lover, even people who’ve had negative anal experiences in the past can enjoy it. I’m so glad you found someone who could do you like you deserve to be done! As for your shaved-butt-itchy ass, I recommend you use products with no fragrance, dye, or a long lists of other chemical ingredients since all of them will serve to further aggravate your hairless hole. A little bit of witch hazel should calm the irritated skin, followed by baby oil, petroleum jelly, or a very gentle moisturizer for sensitive skin.

As for your query about KY Warming Liquid, here’s the scoop: this is a new lubricant produced by a well-respected name when it comes to slippery stuff. KY Warming Liquid is water-based and the packaging claims it “creates a gentle warming sensation on contact.” Off all the reviews I’ve heard, none has been very great; people describe the effect as either too subtle or intense burning, neither of which sound very good to me. The product contains honey and chemicals to create the warming sensation, which can irritate the sensitive tissue of both the front and back doors. If you like the KY brand, then I recommend you try KY UltraGel; otherwise, water-based thick lubes like Astroglide Gel, Maximus, or I-D work great.

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