Mar 202004

I just started having anal sex with my girlfriend. We did it the first time with lots of lube and I was able to get the entire shaft inside her with little to no pain. She told me that she could feel the fullness but she got no pleasure or pain from it. She said that if I wanted to do it again later it would be no problem since it does not hurt her; however, I would like for her to get some pleasure out of it. I cannot touch her vagina with my fingers because she is very ticklish there. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it them.

–Pleasure With My Probe

Bravo to you for realizing that anal sex should be pleasurable for both people involved. My suggestion is that you add some clitoral stimulation to the mix. While you are doing her ass, rub her clit, or, if it’s easier, have her do it herself. You could also use a vibrator for more intense, focused sensation. Many women (me included!) love the combination of clitoral and anal stimulation, and lots of girls say that they don’t experience pleasure from anal penetration without something on their clit.

I’m not sure what to make of your girlfriend’s ticklish pussy. That sounds more psychological than physical to me. Perhaps it’s a reaction to her feeling shy about receiving pleasure; if that’s the case, then you should encourage her to relax and give herself permission to experience being touched and pleasured. Or, it could be that when she’s turned on, her genitals become super-sensitive, and stimulation of any kind feels overwhelming. Then, try softer, more indirect kinds of stimulation, like rubbing her clit from one side, rather than directly on top.

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