Jan 162014

A few months ago I was watching a cable station late at night and they had a segment on porn stars. In this program, they dealt with one girl’s preparations for filming. She discussed her tattoos, piercings, and laser removal of her pubic hair. She had her hair touched up, nails done, legs waxed, and did a stretch in the tanning bed. While she was having her makeup applied, she mentioned that she had her rectum bleached. I had never heard of that.

One night while preparing for anal sex, I noticed a dark discoloration around my anus. I told my husband about the show I watched and explained how this performer had her rectum bleached. He told me that I was crazy. Was I? Is there something out there that can bleach this discoloration away? If so, I would like to know more about it. Can this be done at home? What products can be used and where can I buy them?  I have a lot of adult movies and I have noticed that most of the female actors look like they may have bleached their butts.

–Want a White Eye

You were not imagining things, there are products on the market to bleach the skin, and a few are marketed specifically as anal bleaching creams. I’ll bet you saw the segment on Dr. 90210 on E! where adult film star Tabitha Stevens went to Pink Cheeks salon in Southern California and had her asshole bleached. The salon sells its own cream, Pink Cheeks Amazing Anal Bleaching Cream (and you can order it over the phone, 818-906-8225). According to its label, the cream’s active ingredient is 4% hydroquinone, a substance used to lighten dark skin. It comes with instructions that recommend you have your anus waxed prior to application, and that you use it every night until you achieve the shade you want (which typically is in a week or two). There is a less expensive alternative, simply called Anal Bleaching Cream.

These products have not exactly registered on the Food and Drug Administration’s radar, so the safety of them has not been researched. The fact is everyone’s skin around their anus is a darker shade than their regular skin tone; in other words, it’s natural and I’m inclined not to fuck with it. Plus, your perception that “most of the female actors look like they may have bleached their butts” is not accurate; some have, but the majority of brown eyes you see on screen are as nature made them.