Jan 062002

Is there any way of making my anus more pink or lighter in color? Mine is dark and I hate it—any suggestions?

—Brown Eyed Susan

Believe it or not, your question is a common one. Several people have written to me asking me about skin bleaching in the anal area. First, let me assure you that the way your ass looks now is perfectly normal; in most people, the puckered flesh of the anus is naturally a few shades darker—or a slightly different color—than the rest of their skin. For some people, the contrast is more extreme than others. Remember that everyone’s ass is as unique as a fingerprint.

Is it possible to lighten the skin of the anal opening? Skin bleaching products are used to suppress pigmentation in order to lighten the skin; the most common products contain either hydroquinone, kojic acid or mandelic acid and are available by prescription only; those sold without a prescription tend to be weaker or less effective. Recent studies have shown that azelaic acid, bearberry extract, and licorice extract may also have lightening agents. However, most of these products are not used on genital skin, since it is much more sensitive than other skin. Consult a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon about your options, and never attempt to use over-the-counter products on yourself.

As for making it more pink, well that’s a little trickier. The pinkest holes I’ve ever seen are those that have been stroked, licked, and/or fucked til they couldn’t help but blush with contentment (lots of blood rushing to the area helps, too). I support people modifying their bodies in whatever ways they wish in order to feel better about themselves, and so I offer you the information you requested; however, I would also like you to consider why you “hate” your ass so much, and what might be at the root of that particular body issue for you. Coming to terms with your negative feelings about your butt and learning to accept and love your body as it is will be a lot less expensive, less painful and, in the end, seems like the “rosier” option.

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