Dec 162001

Do you do actual demonstrations at your anal sex workshops? Do you take volunteers from the audience? How does it work?

—Willing Anal Volunteer

Most of my workshops are lecture-style only, and do not include live sex acts. However, sometimes I have the opportunity to do a demo, especially when I am presenting to a private members-only group. I don’t travel with a demoee, so I usually ask my hosts to find a suitable bottom for me to play with during my workshop. Lots of people volunteer, and most proclaim that they are wild exhibitionists and experienced anal sex lovers. But, a lot of people don’t take into account what it’s like to be demonstrated on. You have your ass in the air in front of a room full of people which can inhibit even the best exhibitionist. Plus, a demo is not like sex. I am talking, answering questions, and cannot focus 100% of my attention on the bottom, as I would if we were having a one-on-one encounter. So, while I am warming them up, it’s really up to the person to get themselves turned on. I have gotten inside some people’s asses, and realized quickly that nerves and excitement were working against getting something of size in their ass.

Recently at a workshop, the demoee was a cute, curly haired girl who I connected with right off the bat. I ended up fitting most of my hand in her ass, and it was a truly amazing experience. That was the best demo I have ever done, but, more often, I just try to make the best of the situation, and let the bottom take the lead in taking whatever he or she wants in their ass.

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