Jan 172002

I’m 36 years old and quite sexually experienced. A few months ago, I met a woman I really like. She is quite inexperienced, but has a hell of an imagination, so it’s working out quite fine. Once, she got really hot for a pair of my shoes. I have lots of shoes, and cannot help buying more. I think she has a shoe fetish because she found a pair of very pointed stilettos of mine, and asked me if I would kick her in the butt with them. I didn’t mind at all, it was great fun actually. How often have you had the urge to give someone a kick in the ass?

But in the heat of the moment, I ended up doing more than kicking her. With some liberal helpings of KY Jelly, she ended up with the best part of my right shoe very deep in her ass. The shoe we used is very long, slim, and pointed, and I am only a size 5 1/2. I was pumping the toe in and out of her in all kinds of positions. By the end, she was riding my shoe, squatting down over my upturned toe. Humping up and down, it went in pretty deep, and she enjoyed it tremendously. She will for sure talk me into fucking her again in the butt with my shoes again, I just know it. She is not interested in being penetrated by the stiletto heel, and I wouldn’t do that anyway because it’s way too sharp. Is there any danger in this kind of anal play? Should I use a condom on the toe of the shoe next time?

—A Kick in The Ass

Usually, I advise people not to use ordinary objects (such as candles, kitchen utensils, wine bottles, or other household items) as sex toys. Because they were designed for other purposes, they can be less than ideal or downright dangerous to put in your own or someone else’s ass. That said, your description of shoe sex was so entertaining and hot that I don’t want to tell you to stop! You’re smart not to try the other end of the shoe, the sharp, pointy heel, because that could definitely cause some damage.

As far as safety goes, you have two options: you can designate one pair of shoes as your butt sex shoes; don’t wear them out, use them only on your girlfriend, and wash them in hot water and antibacterial soap; or if you want to wear the shoes outside the house or use them on different people, then you definitely need to use an extra large condom on the shoe each and every time. As long as the toe of the shoe is smooth (please no bows or buckles!), it should be fine; plus, it definitely can’t get lost in her as long as it’s on my foot. As they say, if the shoe fits…

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