Aug 182001

I have been looking for a few weeks for a pair of men’s briefs (latex or other material) with an internal butt plug or dildo, but with a hole for the penis and balls to come out and be free to play. I can’t find one anywhere! Any ideas?

—Desperately Seeking Butt Briefs

Well, aren’t you an ambitious one! I must say that I have tried to track down such a pair of undies for you, but haven’t had any luck. Although I do have a few suggestions about how you might create the briefs of your dreams. Start with a butt plug harness (available at many leather, fetish, and sex toy stores and web sites) to hold your favorite butt plug securely in your ass. Or, of you’re into body and genital bondage, you may choose to have someone put a rope harness on you to keep the plug in. Then, add a tight pair of your favorite underwear that has such a flap in front for your woody to come out and play. Voila!

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